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OWASP Training

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OWASP Training - OWASP Projects and Resources you can use TODAY!

The main goal of OWASP Training is to support Local Chapters' training activities in a way that allows us to use a model that, despite specific and punctual adjustments, can be easily replicated and become the main frame for all Chapter-led training events.

Furthermore, we will use the concept “OWASP projects and resources you can use TODAY!

In a nutshell, we are proposing a Chapter’s driven model with Local Chapter organization in which:

  • The courses are free for OWASP members - being that by the time of the training event anyone may become a member if they desire to do so;
  • The contents are OWASP projects focused – to promote the awareness of our Projects and the understanding of how they fit into an Enterprise's security ecosystem or in its Web Application Development Life-cycle;
  • The costs are supported by a mix of funding - local chapter budget, external sponsorship, trainers sponsorship (i.e. trip and/or accommodation paid by themselves) and local chapter members’ sponsorship (i.e. taking trainers in as guests).

If you would like to organize a training event of this sort, please contact me after gathering the following information which will be our starting point:

  • Date of the event;
  • Venue and directions;
  • Course’s details - with regard to the contents, we would suggest that the focus falls into the OWASP Projects with the most quality and Projects being developed by members of your local Chapter.

The role of the Local Chapters in reinforcing visibility of OWASP Projects within the local corporate communities and, by that, in encouraging the use and understanding of our tools and documentation is absolutely invaluable – do get involved!

If you are interested in being part of OWASP's pool of Trainers, check our CALL FOR TRAINERS tab and add your name!

Trainers Database - Call for Trainers!

Banner OWASP Training page.gif

CALL FOR TRAINERS - Trainers drive's goal

OWASP is looking for trainers to deliver training under the flag “OWASP projects and resources you can use today”. This is a model of training which is free for OWASP members, delivered by OWASP Leaders (with only travel expenses paid) and covering OWASP modules and/or projects.

If you are an OWASP Leader and would like to be included in OWASP's pool of trainers, this is your chance - add your name and info to the OWASP Trainers / Volunteers Table and be counted!

The role of the Local Chapters in reinforcing visibility of OWASP Projects within the local corporate communities and, by that, in encouraging the use and understanding of our tools and documentation is absolutely invaluable. In this context, the OWASP Training appears as an excellent vehicle to spread the knowledge and the word and that is why this is one of the areas we want to strongly focus on.

Click here for rules and conditions.

OWASP Trainers Database

Trainer Identification, Interests and Location
Name Projects/Modules I would be interested in presenting Projects already presented Current location
view edit Jim Manico @ Secure Coding Projects of Any Kind Hawaii, Airplanes and Hotels Worldwide
view edit Dinis Cruz @ OWASP O2 Platform and anything that moves at OWASP London
view edit Sébastien Gioria @ Top10,OWASP ASVS, OWASP Guide, OWASP Testing Guide France
view edit Michael Scovetta @ OWASP Yasca, OWASP Top 10, OWASP Development Guide Long Island, NY
view edit Eoin Keary @ Code Review Project, Testing Guide Dublin
view edit Sebastien Deleersnyder (Seba) @ Awareness Trainings, OWASP TOP 10, WebGoat, SAMM and SDL, ... N/A Belgium
view edit Venkatesh Jagannathan @ OWASP Top 10, Threat Modeling, Secure Coding Practices/Guidelines Chennai, India
view edit Mateo Martínez @ Webgoat, OWASP Top Ten, ZAP, OpenSAMM N/A Montevideo, Uruguay
view edit Andrew van der Stock @ ASVS, ESAPI for PHP, Ajax, Developer Guide, Top 10 Melbourne, Australia
view edit Marco M. Morana @ Top 10, SAMM, CLASP, Development Guide, Web 2.0, Application Threat Modeling, Secure Coding Guide, Code Review Project, Testing Guide N/A Cincinnati, U.S.A.
view edit James McGovern @ Enterprise Architecture Perspectives on Web Application Security Hartford Connecticut, U.S.A.
view edit Richard Farrell @ OWASP Top 10, Secure Coding or any other application security topic Melbourne, Australia
view edit Talal AlBasha @ OWASP Top 10, Secure Coding Practices,Application Security Verification Standard, Code Review Guide Saudi Arabia
view edit Colin Watson AppSensor, SAMM, Secure SDL, Top Ten, Application Defence, About OWASP London
view edit Martin Knobloch @ SAMM, CLASP Threat Risk Modeing, WebGoat, WebScarab, TopTen, Secure Coding Principles, ESAPI Netherlands
view edit Lucas C. Ferreira @ SAMM, WebGoat, Top Ten, Secure Coding Principles, Guided Tour N/A Brasilia, DF, Brazil
view edit Steven van der Baan @ Top10,OWASP ASVS, WebGoat, WebScarab,Secure Coding Principles, ESAPI N/A Cambridge, UK
view edit Mordecai Kraushar @ OWASP TOP 10, Broken Web Applications N/A New York City
view edit Dhruv Soi @ OWASP Top 10, WebGoat, WebScarab, Secure Coding Guide, Code Review Project, Testing Guide, Threat Modeling, Secure Coding Practices/Guidelines New Delhi, India
view edit Fabio Cerullo @ Top 10, ESAPI, ASVS, Swingset Dublin, Ireland
view edit Petr Zavodsky @ Top Ten, Testing Guide, WebGoat, WebScarab, ESAPI for PHP and JavaScript Czech Republic
view edit Justin Clarke @ Top 10, SAMM, ESAPI, WebGoat, Secure Coding Principles, etc London, UK
view edit Achim Hoffmann @ Top10, OWASP Testing Guide, Broken Web Applications, WAFs München, Germany
view edit Nishi Kumar @ OWASP Top 10
Application Security for Managers and Executives
Security Scanning
N/A Austin, TX
view edit Chandrasekar Umapathy @ Top10,OWASP ASVS, OWASP Guide, OWASP Testing Guide ,Webgoat,PCI-DSS and PA-DSS

Security Scanning

Chennai, India
view edit Simon Bennetts @ OWASP Zed Attack Proxy Project, OWASP Top 10 Manchester, UK
view edit Daniel Brzozowski @ OWASP Top 10, OWASP O2 Platform, OWASP WebScarab-NG and other open source pentest tools London, UK
view edit Ludovic Petit @ WebApp Security and Legal aspects, OWASP Secure Software Contract Annex, OWASP Top 10, CISO Guide, OWASP Mobile Security Project, OWASP Cloud Top 10 Project Paris, France
view edit Gandhi Aryavalli @ OWASP Top 10, WebGoat, WebScarab, Secure Coding Guide, Code Review Project, Testing Guide, Threat Modeling, Secure Coding Practices/Guidelines, Securing Web Applications, Identifying/Mitigating APTs, Next Gen IPS/FW N/A India - BANGALORE
view edit Azzeddine RAMRAMI @ PHP and Java Secure Coding, Threat Modeling, Secure Design Principles, CSFRGuard and ZAP Training Rabat/Casablanca, Morocco and Paris/France
view edit Landon Mayo @ Application Pentesting

Secure Development Training

Security Research and Development

Integrating Security in the SDLC

Houston, TX
view edit Dhiraj Mishra @ OWASP Top 10, WebGoat, Secure Coding , Beyond Top 10 Mumbai , India.
view edit Gustavo Nieves Arreaza @ Application Security Guide For CISOs,OWASP Cloud 10 Project,,Security by Design Principles, Application Security Verification Standard Project,Enterprise Security API,Threat Modeling,OWASP Proactive Viña del Mar /Chile

Videos & Pictures

IBWAS'10 Training Day, 16 Dec 2010

P1020168.JPG P1020169.JPG
P1020170.JPG P1020171.JPG
P1020172.JPG P1020173.JPG

Modules and Materials

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Training Modules

OWASP Appsec Tutorial Series, by Jerry Hoff

Other Training Materials


IBWAS'10 Training Day sessions, 16th Dec 2010, Lisbon

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Training Templates

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  • If you want to organize an OWASP Free Training event, please check out the Training Templates.

Training Logos

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