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I am former Air Force, a pilot, and also have a medical background. My father, a pharmacist, owned his own pharmacy in the early 90s. He hired a delivery boy named Jared, who was, and still is a computer genius. He currently works for Microsoft as a developer. In 2nd grade, I wrote my first batch file. By 3rd grade I was writing autoexecs to prank my friends and the occasional teacher. I discovered IRC in 4th grade and had a dedicated computer in my room connected to IRC at all times next to my TV. After that, I continued to be a “closet hacker”, all the way until recent years. I never felt the need to prove anything to others or seek acceptance from anyone within the community. I always wanted to find answers by going to the source instead of superficial channels.

I’m no stranger to research and did a lot of it in college: I’m very objective and fact oriented. Results must be consistently reproducible, and embrace wrong hypothesizes as much as right ones. This is what makes research effective.

landon . mayo @ owasp . org