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The purpose of this page is to outline how OWASP Community Leaders can request funding to support the mission of OWASP. If you can't find what you are looking for, please Contact Us.

Community Engagement Funding

Successful global outreach and community support are critical activities that support our purpose of driving visibility and evolution of safety and security of the worlds software. To this end, some guidelines have been established for the OWASP community leadership to follow as they support the OWASP Foundation and it’s core purpose.

Be sure to read the full process below to ensure a smooth and timely transaction. There's a new and improved reimbursement process - full details including screenshots for every role.

  • First check the Chapter and "Project Funding Totals" below under "Additional Resources" to make sure you know what is in your Project or Chapter's available funds
  • Ready to make a request? REQUEST FUNDING PRE-APPROVAL
  • Already approved? Submit receipts for reimbursement with our REIMBURSEMENT SUBMISSION FORM
  • Need to see past requests? See this document.

Please note: Requests are reviewed within 72 hours. Payments are made twice per month and may take up to 22 days depending on time of submission.

Types of Activity Supported

The Board of Directors approved a motion at the October 14, 2015 board meeting that any request for funding that has been approved for one chapter or project, can be considered an acceptable expense for all chapters or projects. If you have an account balance which covers that expense in full, then the item should be considered pre-approved for spending. See Community Engagement Payments for a list of previously approved expenses. If you do not see a comparable expense or expense category or aren't sure your expense is pre-approved, you must submit a request for approval via the Request Funding Pre-Approval form before requesting reimbursement.

Category Type of Event or Activity Funding Purpose Funding Limit
Initiatives Starting/Facilitating an OWASP Initiative An OWASP Initiative is a specific task with a defined deliverable or expected outcome. An initiative can also be a group of people (task force) with a specific function. Funding request should include the details of the initiative and what the money will be spent on. $500 USD
Chapters Local Chapter Meeting Bringing great speakers to local chapters continues to be a priority of the organization. Although there are opportunities for remote participation and speakers, face to face contact and engagement is a catalyst to inject enthusiasm and energy into a local area.
Note: If you're looking for OWASP merchandise for chapters you can submit on the merchandise page
$500 USD
Chapters Multiple Chapter Meeting Engagement Through coordination of several local chapters, it is possible to ignite an entire geographic region through a series of presentations at several local chapters in a relatively short period of time. $1000 USD
Outreach Outreach Speaking Engagement (Non OWASP Conference) Presenting an introduction to OWASP at events that are attended by professionals who will benefit from awareness of software security builds our global community and spreads security awareness. $500 USD
Outreach Non - OWASP Event Outreach (OWASP Representation usually a booth or stand) Physical representation of the OWASP Foundation at conferences managed by other organizations provides opportunities to engage individuals and companies through visual, tangible, and verbal communication. This also included funding for merchandise to support the booth. $500 USD
Project OWASP Track or Summit Project Leader that is an accepted speaker taking part in the Open Source Showcase, the OWASP Project Talks, or leading an OWASP Summit Session at the conference they are asking to attend with OWASP Track funding. Preference given to Leaders traveling from the same region that the Global AppSec Conference is taking place in. $1000 USD
Project Project Engagement Funding Funding for marketing, graphic design, website hosting, or other project related expenses. Details $500 USD
Chapter/Project/Outreach/Initiative Merchandise OWASP branded merchandise used to promote OWASP through a booth at a non-owasp event, chapter meeting, or other community building opportunity $500 USD

Community Engagement Funding Rules

The following rules apply for community engagement funding:

  • Funding opportunities are available to chapter or project leaders and active OWASP members.
  • All funding requests MUST be pre-approved. This is necessary for global budgeting.
  • Requested funds will first be deducted from the local chapter or project budget.
  • A chapter or project without sufficient funds may request funding from the foundation "Community Engagement" budget. These funds are available on a first come-first serve basis.
  • The standard funding thresholds are listed above based on the type of activity.

  • Community Engagement funds cannot be used by speakers to attend OWASP conferences. Under extreme circumstances an exception may be requested by Contacting Us.

Additional Resources

View Community Engagement Payments

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