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OWASP Trainers Database Conditions

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Call for Trainers - Trainers drive's goal and methodology explanation


OWASP is looking for trainers to deliver training under the flag “OWASP projects and resources you can use today”. If you are an OWASP Leader and would like to be included in OWASP's pool of trainers, this is your chance - add your name and info to the OWASP Trainers / Volunteers Table and be counted!

The role of the Local Chapters in reinforcing visibility of OWASP Projects within the local corporate communities and, by that, in encouraging the use and understanding of our tools and documentation is absolutely invaluable.

In this context, the OWASP Training appears as an excellent vehicle to spread the knowledge and the word and that is why this is one of the areas we want to strongly focus on.

On this phase, we are calling for trainers to deliver training under the following conditions:

  • Training initiatives led and organized by Local Chapters;
  • Training delivered by OWASP Leaders;
  • Courses free for OWASP members - being that by the time of the training event anyone may become a member if they desire to do so;
  • Contents are based on OWASP projects / modules – to promote the awareness of our Projects and the understanding of how they fit into an Enterprise's security ecosystem or in its Web Application Development Life-cycle;
  • Costs of the training event are supported by a mix of funding - local chapter budget, external sponsorship, trainers sponsorship (i.e. trip and/or accommodation paid by themselves) and local chapter members’ sponsorship (i.e. taking trainers in as guests).

Please note that this is a non-paid component of OWASP Training.