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* [[:User:Mchalmers|Matthew Chalmers]]
* [[:User:Mchalmers|Matthew Chalmers]]
* [[:Image:Image002-Puneet Mehta.jpg|Puneet Mehta]]
* [[:Image:Image002-Puneet Mehta.jpg|Puneet Mehta]]
* Sebastien Deleersnyder \
* Sebastien Deleersnyder
* Mandeep Khera
* Mandeep Khera

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OWASP recognized the extraordinary contribution of our most active leaders by engaging them to lead a set of six new committees that report to the OWASP Board of Directors. Each democratically established committee will focus on a key function or geographic region, such as OWASP projects, conferences, local chapters, membership and industry outreach.

OWASP GLOBAL COMMITTEE Projects Membership Education Conferences Industry Chapters Connections
100% Volunteer Committee Members run OWASP Foundation. The goal is to have min. 7 persons on each committee that represents an OWASP region in the world acting as a voice.

Board Rep., rotates every every quarter to provide assistance across all groups.

Board Rep: Jeff
Co-Chairs:Jason Li & Brad Causey

Board Rep: Seba
Chair:Dan Cornell

Board Rep: Matt
Chairs:Kuai Hinjosa and Martin Knobloch

Board Rep: Eoin
Chair:Mark Bristow

Board Rep: Dave
Chair:Colin Watson

See also:

Board Rep: Tom
Chair:Ofer Shezaf

Board Rep: Dinis Cruz
Chair:Lorna Alamri

How to Join a Global Committee

Committee details


  • Drive quality improvement for OWASP Projects
  • Manage OWASP Season of Code program
  • Highlight strategic projects to meet the long-term mission (for example, ESAPI)


  • Increase individual membership 100% in 18 months (Individuals)
  • Increase organizational supporters 100% in 18 months (Supporters)
  • Increase university supporters 100% in 18 months


  • Identify events per year to be OWASP Conferences that are the primary supporting factor for grant projects, summits and operational costs


  • Establish a adoptable program that can be incorporated into Univ., and technical education programs that leverages the efforts of many at OWASP to raise the level of awareness to secure software.
  • Obtain grants to futher our work
  • CSIS Report


  • Start outreach to critical infrastructures worldwide such as:
    • electricity generation, transmission and distribution;
    • gas production, transport and distribution;
    • oil and oil products production, transport and distribution;
    • telecommunication;
    • water supply (drinking water, waste water/sewage, stemming of surface water (e.g. dikes and sluices));
    • agriculture, food production and distribution;
    • heating (e.g. natural gas, fuel oil, district heating);
    • public health (hospitals, ambulances);
    • transportation systems (fuel supply, railway network, airports, harbors, inland shipping);
    • financial services (banking, clearing);
    • security services (police, military).

...they all use web applications...some even protect human life as well as PII and credit cards :)

  • Identify issues or "efforts" like the Browser Working Group and others, the group should invite Industry CIO/CISO's (perhaps as a "value" of corporate membership support) to want to publicly collaborate on a document of industry needs that can add value to having the support of OWASP Foundation for the greater good of secure software, a internet based global economic platform and humanitarian needs worldwide


  • Enable the support required at the local level to accomplish the overall mission and goals of the association


  • Make connections between the OWASP Community and with outside world