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Global Chapter Committee

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As of April 1, 2013 the Global Committees were retired in order to enable wider community involvement and volunteerism through the OWASP Global Initiatives. 

Want to get involved with OWASP, but not sure where to start? Check out the OWASP Global Initiatives Page.

Mission Statement

To provide the support required by the local chapters to thrive and contribute to the overall mission and goals of OWASP.

Committee Governance

Global Chapters Committee Governance Policies

Committee Members

Name Email Telephone Skype Location Time Zone
Tin Zaw tin.zaw 'at' owasp dot org +1.213.973.9295 tzaw.rr USA UTC -8/-7 (DST)
L. Gustavo C. Barbato lgbarbato 'at' owasp dot org lgbarbato Brazil
Josh Sokol § josh.sokol 'at' owasp dot org +1.512.619.6716 jsokol79 Austin, TX, USA UTC -6/-5 (DST)
Ivy Zhang ivy'at' owasp dot org dot cn China UTC +8

§ As of January 2012, committee chair is Josh Sokol. Tin Zaw previously held this position.

Committee Operational Support:

Name Email Telephone Skype Location Time Zone
Sarah Baso Contact Us +1.312.869.2779 sarah.baso USA UTC -6/-5 (DST)

How to join this committee

Join our mailing list

The global chapters committee meets 2 times per month. Global Meeting Time Planner - Click Here

  • 3nd Monday of the month @ 20h (8:00PM) UTC for US/EU

Join the meeting

  • 3nd Tuesday of the month @ 1h (1:00AM) UTC for US/APAC/India

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The meeting is not a goal itself but is the due date for delivery of last month's tasks. The chair will send an invite to the meeting prior to the meeting.

  • 3nd Monday of the month @ 20h (8:00PM) UTC for US/EU

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  • 3nd Tuesday of the month @ 1h (1:00AM) UTC for US/APAC/India

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GoToMeeting Info for ALL monthly calls:

Last meetings

Committee Voting Record

Global Chapter Committee Voting Record - records starting 15-July-2011


Initiative Associated Activities Performance Metrics Funding Requirements Status Assignees
Operational Support for Chapters Chapter creation
Reviving inactive chapters
Cleaning up defunct chapters
Service level promise (2 weeks, proposed) for new chapter requests
Bi-annual assessment of chapter activity, revive or mark inactive
Support Staff
Chapter Leader Handbook Update Solicitation of comments on 2011 Chapter Leader Handbook (v.3) Minor or major updates to the handbook based on the feedback from chapter leaders None
Chapter Nurturing Program Shipment of OWASP merchandise to requesting chapters
Providing seed funding to new chapters to supporting their first meeting
Prudent use of funds OWASP merchandise cost and shipping fees
Seed funding for the first meeting
OWASP on the Move Handling of funding requests by chapters
Coordinating OWASP speaker tours
At least two OWASP speaker tours
Prudent use of funds
Speaker travel costs
Chapter Leader Summit Chapter leader summits in AppSec conferences (at least Europe and North America) Chapter Leader Handbook updated based on feedback from workshops
Face-to-face discussions between chapter leaders and OWASP staff, global committee chairs and members
Workshop costs
Travel costs for chapter leaders without enough chapter funds
University Chapter Program
(with GMC & GEC)
Creation of university chapters At least 5 university chapters created Seed funding for the first meeting

  • Provide chapters with useful resources to help them succeed.
  • Help individuals in getting more from OWASP chapters.
  • Ensure as many chapters as possible are healthy and active.

Chapter Workshops

Chapter Handbook Revision

The Chapter Handbook revision was completed and approved by the committee at the end of 2011 and is posted to the wiki: here. Initiatives are currently underway to translate the handbook to Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Russian. If you are interested in helping with any of these or another language, please Contact Us.

Everyone is busy. To make it possible for busy people to contribute, the Global Chapter Committee subdivides its goals into micro-tasks easily digestible in an hour or two by volunteers.

Group Task Owner