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Global Chapter Committee/Meetings/2011-01

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Minutes Global Chapters Committee monthly meeting Jan-2011



  • 31-Jan-2011, 20h00 UTC per Skype call
  • 1-Feb-2011, 14h00 UTC per Skype call


  • Andrew van der Stock (AV)
  • Tin Zaw (TZ) 31-Jan
  • L. Gustavo C. Barbato (GB) 31-Jan
  • Kate Hartmann (KH) 31-Jan
  • Seba Deleersnyder (SD) 31-Jan
  • Mandeep Khera (MK) 31-Jan
  • Puneet Mehta (PM)
  • Matthew Chalmers (MC) 31-Jan
  • Dave Wichers (current board representative)





  • reviewed last meetings action points
  • some small amendments were done on the proposed governance: Global Chapters Committee Governance. To be voted on per e-mail (Seba will sent an e-mail to be answered Yes/No by Wednesday evening Feb-2, UTC)
  • Having an account for all chapter leaders is not mandatory, but should be suggested in the chapter handbook
  • A lot of chapters are inactive, a process to identify and follow-up on the inactive chapters is to be created. Tin will follow this up.
  • The handbook should be updated to use as guide to revive dormant or inactive chapters
  • Currently only Tin has sent a chair pitch
  • Tin to check with Andrew if a co-chair model can be used.
  • Seba will invite all the chapter leaders that come to the summit on the chapters workshop


  • ...

Action points:

ID Action Point Responsible Timing Status
1 Vote on Governance e-mail Seba Done