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Global Chapter Committee/Meetings/2010-11

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Minutes by Andrew


  • AJV arrived at 3 AM.
  • Seba and Kate joined at 3.25 AM.


  • Matthew Chalmers
  • Puneet Mehta
  • Mandeep Khera

On a personal note, after making the effort to wake in the middle of the night especially for this meeting, I found the lack of attendance extremely disappointing. At 3.25 am with no one around, I was on my way back to bed until Seba called. I've not been completely stood up for a meeting since 1999. Let's try to do better for the next meeting. I'm glad that Seba and Kate made the meeting, and hope that we have more folks for the next one.

ACTION: Kate to organize another meeting for the last Tuesday in November to carry over items from this meeting, inviting more folks - the existing folks from tonights meeting + Kate's suggestions from other regions (Antonio Fontes (Geneva), Carlos Serrero (Portugal), Wagner Elias (Brazil), Sebastian Gioria (France), Mohd Fazili Azran (Malaysia), Helen Gao). This should be held at 1 PM London time so that I don't have to get up at 3 am. Kate, please advertise the meeting to both GCC and leaders mail lists.

Seba confirmed that AJV is on the GCC. Thank you! :)

Seba notes that we need more new members on the GCC, so should open up the search to the leaders mail list as well.

ACTION: Advertise on the leaders list that we need more GCC members. Preferably with the above meeting invite, or if not separately. AJV to confirm that this has happened, or to do it if it hasn't.

(I'm paraphrasing this discussion) Folks who have historically been a part of the GCC but have not been recently active - GCC needs to consider their position in light of inactivity, certainly within six months or so.

AJV talked about OWASP Melbourne, noting that a change of leadership is in progress. I will report back next meeting on if this is complete.

AJV talked about getting a database of potential speakers up and going, so chapter leaders can find folks to come talk to them, and vice versa. Kate noted that Samy Kamkar did this in EU recently with 10 talks in two weeks.

Kate talked about new chapter organization tool to help with scheduling of chapter. Sounds exciting. In contractual negotiations at the moment. Let's hope it comes off! :)

House cleaning needs to be postponed until we've had a chance to get more GCC members up, but Charlottesville has been noted as being inactive.

ACTION: AJV to make Charlottesville wiki pages go inactive.

ACTION: GCC to consider a mechanism to find inactive chapters and mark them as such. Need to discuss next meeting.

Virtual chapter tour - Seba talked about having regional chapter leaders meetings via Skype or so to help listen to chapter leaders and work out what works for the high performing chapters, and help the others organize successful and regular meetings, and foster a local community that is self - sustaining.

ACTION: GCC to make announcements of virtual chapter leader meetings region by region in Q1 2011. Announcements for this should be before end of 2010, so as to maximize participation. Take feedback from meetings to improve overall chapter processes.

Seba. Prepare for the summit in February in Portugal. Organize for max chapter leader participation, both physical and virtual.

Postponed discussion on road map as not enough GCC members in the meeting to discuss or allocate responsibilities.

Future Business (i.e. future agenda items) 1. Discuss inactive GCC members 2. Finding more GCC members - open search to leaders list 3. Kate - can we reorganize the chapter page to be geographically organized? 4. Discuss road map 5. House cleaning - how to find inactive chapters and mark them inactive. Corollary - how to help chapters on the brink of being inactive. 6. OWASP Summit prep. 7. Finalize arrangements / make announcements for virtual chapter leader tours in Q1 2011