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Global Education Committee - Application 3

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Applicant's Name Sebastien GIORIA.
Current and past OWASP Roles French OWASP leader
Committee Applying for OWASP Global Education Committee.

As the French Leader I'm applying to Education Global Committee for sharing the Europe/French vision and helping to spread OWASP Education. I'm currently doing some teaching in French University about AppSec and to some company.

I think I could help to translate some materials in French, and spread it to the French community.

my resume is online at


Who Recommends/Name Role in OWASP Recommendation Content
1 Sylvain MARET - Security Architect and Digital Identity expert None (end-user) Sébastien has been very active on the French area to promote Web Application Security. I really enjoy having discussion with him about Web Security, Web Application Firewall and Strong Authentication. Sébastien his very motivated and his deep security knowledge are helpful for promoting OWASP.
2 Nicolas RUFF None (end-user) Sébastien has been very active on the French scene to promote OWASP brand and ideas. He spoke at several key events in France, and his voice has been heard.
3 Vincent DI GIAMBATTISTA - European Security Manager on E-Commerce company OWASP user Very important support on Application Security enhancement: he's able to do awareness with persuasive examples to different people: developers, CIO, marketing or sales people. In addition he's able to train technically with all details how to manage application security vulnerabilities and to increase protection.

So Sebastien Gioria competencies: open minded, technical skills, business oriented, good orator, and availability support with efficiency OWASP objectives.

4 Nabil OUCHN - CEO & Founder OWASP user Sébastien is a "Stallman-Like" evangelist and security open minded guy. Without his great professionalism, the OWASP in France had never seen the day. He's suddenly being available for everyone to share his knowledge, keynotes and application security skills. He was one of the first security auditors to put OWASP entries as references in his reports to CISOs and CSOs.
5 Jerome Saiz, Editor in Chief & Aurélien Cabezon, Managing Director, None (Community web editor) Sébastien has been a great asset to the SecurityVibes community, making great contributions to our discussions. He also delivered an excellent presentation about OWASP and application security to our audience of CSOs and risk managers