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OWASP Connections Committee - Application 4

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Applicant's Name Jim Manico
Current and past OWASP Roles Podcast super-star
Committee Applying for OWASP Connection Committee

Please be aware that for an application to be considered by the board, you MUST have 5 recommendations. An incomplete application will not be considered for vote.

Who Recommends/Name Role in OWASP Recommendation Content
1 Martin Knobloch Dutch Chapter Leader / GEC chair If anyone, then Jim is a perfect candidate for the connection committee. Not only because his work for the OWASP Podcast!
2 Dan Cornell Global Membership Committee Member, San Antonio Chapter Lead Jim is an excellent candidate given his historical and ongoing contributions to projects such as the OWASP Podcast and ESAPI
3 Michael Coates Global Membership Committee Member, AppSensor Project Lead Jim has done an excellent job thus far with his leadership for the OWASP podcast series and has also done a tremendous job promoting ESAPI to new developer audiences. I believe Jim would be an excellent addition to the Global Connections Committee.
4 Brad Causey Global Projects Committee Co-Chair, Alabama Chapter Lead Jim's podcasts have assisted OWASP in raising visibility to the subject of AppSec and contributed greatly to the growth of the community. Further, Jim has served as the voice of OWASP for some time and perfeclty suited for a role in the Connections Committee. Godspeed Jim.
5 Stephen Craig Evans Global Membership Committee, SoC '08 Securing WebGoat using ModSecurity Jim's OWASP podcast series will go next to Gary McGraw's Silver Bullet series in the software security history books - it is that important. He will be ideal for the Connections Committee.