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Join the Meeting - Connection Information

  • Tuesday May 27, 2014

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OWASP'er Mentions

Thanks to everyone for their past and future efforts on the chapters & projects

  • Thanks to the hard work of OWASP Algeria chapter leader "Mennouchi Islam Azeddine", OWASP has contributed to the success of the event "Call For Tech" ( that took place at the University of the city of Constantine(Algeria) from the 4th to 11th of May 2014.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Chapter Events

  • 5th May - Mennouchi Islam Azeddine - OWASP PHP Security Training
  • 5th May - Enrico Branca - Introduction to secure coding using python
  • 6th May - Mennouchi Islam Azeddine / Assem Chelli - OWTF Pentesting


  • 6th May - Enrico Branca - SSL security and attacks

Full list of worldwide chapters, OWASP Events Calendar

Chapter Info


  • OWASP Latam Tour - April 21, 2014 - May 9, 2014
    • Starting in Chile, then Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Guatemala, Columbia, Argentina
  • OWASP AppSec EU - 2014 June 23, 2014 - June 26, 2014
    • Cambridge, UK
  • OWASP AppSec USA - 2014 Sept. 16, 2014 - Sept. 19, 2014
    • Denver, Colorado

Full conference calendar

Notable Project Activity

New Activity

Exciting Projects to Checkout

Activities Looking for Volunteers


Pages that Need Attention

  • OWASP RegEx - Needs some regular expression expertise. Focus on ensuring updated with applicable regex dos concerns

Editing Tips & Tricks

Wiki Clean Up Crew


  • Wiki editing tip of the week - Creating Internal Wiki Links

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There are multiple ways to submit questions for the meeting. One option is to include your question here:

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