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OWASP Administrative Support and Social Media Coordinator (Contractor)


After completing two OWASP internships, my role at OWASP now as the Administrative Support and Social Media Coordinator. In my most recent internship, my focus was in Projects and Programs. My previous internship with OWASP was as the Grants and Fundraising intern. I am based out of Cupertino, California and I have been with OWASP since September 2013. I have a B.A. in American History from Ohio University, but after moving to Silicon Valley, my focus has shifted to social media marketing. Outside of OWASP, I have a contract gig at Yahoo.

Role in OWASP

My role in OWASP has shifted over the months and between internships. Presently, my responsibilities include:

  • Social Media - generate content for Twitter, Facebook, the OWASP Connector and the blog regarding AppSec conferences and programs.
  • New Projects - process new project requests through Salesforce, create the project wiki page and set up leaders emails and mailing lists. Remain available for leaders to contact with project related questions.
  • Project Questions and Issues - process project questions through Salesforce. For any project questions that come through, I address them head on, or if they are more specific in nature, reach out to the project leader for answers.
  • Wiki Page maintenance - creating and maintain wiki pages for programs and projects as needed. This includes cleaning up the OWASP site, removing dead links, repairing templates and just generally making pages ascetically appealing, with updated information accessible. As well as maintaining accounts, I also approve or deny requests for wiki accounts every day. This ensures that requests are not sitting in the queue for multiple days.
  • Projects Task Force - reviewing and maintaining OWASP projects, and promoting the ongoing mission of the Project Task Force.
  • Co-Marketing Agreement - assisting with OWASP co-marketing agreements, including sending out social media copies promoting OWASP events, posting copies from our partners and promoting local partner events with OWASP chapters.
  • Deduping - an on-going process of removing duplicate accounts in Salesforce.

Wiki Contributions

See my wiki contributions here.

Weekly Reports

To keep the community updated on what I'm working on, I will continue to write up weekly reports.

As part of my internship, I released a weekly report on what I'm working on each week. The archive of my weekly reports can be found here.


Kait Disney-Leugers