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OWASP Newsletter 17

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OWASP Newsletter #17 (12-August-2008)

Welcome to the 17th edition of the OWASP Newsletter, featuring The New York City AppSec Conference .

As always, if you have any content to add to the next edition, please feel free to add it directly to its WIKI page OWASP Newsletter 18.

Kate Hartmann - OWASP Operations Director - Tel: 301-575-0197 - eMail: [email protected]

Featured Item: OWASP NYC 2008

OWASP NYC AppSec 2008 Conference Schedule – Sept 24th - Sept 25th Full details In association with: WASC, NYM InfraGard, AITGlobal, NYC PHP, NYCBUG, ISACA, ISSA and Pace University your invited to (2) days of Seminars and Technology Pavilion from the world's best application security technology minds, (2) days of hardcore hands-on training, all held at Pace University, located in downtown New York City at One Pace Plaza New York, NY 10038. Event Fees: $350 for 2 days of seminars, $675 for 1-day training classes and $1,350 for 2-day courses. With capacity of 1000 folks from around the world, don't miss this event!


Featured Item: India Conference

OWASP AppSec India Conference 2008

OWASP India-mhnew.gif

Featured Item: Israel Conference

OWASP AppSec Israel Conference 2008

OWASP AppSec India Conference 2008 - August 20th-21st 2008

Featured Projects

  • Four new projects have been set up, namely:
    • OWASP EnDe Project - This tool is an encoder, decoder, converter, transformer, calculator, for various codings used in the wild wide web. Achim Hoffmann is the project leader.
    • OWASP Google Hacking Project - This is a Google SOAP Search API with Perl. Christian Heinrich is the project leader.
    • OWASP NetBouncer Project - This is secure by default centralised input/output validation library which combines security rules and business rules as well as escaping in the output level. Ferruh Mavituna is the project leader.
    • OWASP Open Review Project - A project to openly check open source libraries and software that are vital to most commercial and non-commercial apps around. Mario de Boer is the project leader.

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Paypal now Accepted

Chapter pages are being updated with the new link to paypal. This will allow your chapter sponsors to make donations to your chapter or project directly. Because the funds will be managed through the OWASP Foundation, your local chapter or project may take advantage of the non-profit status! Reimbursement of expenses will be processed through submission of an expense report. Please contact Alison McNamee with any questions.

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OWASP references in the Media

OWASP Featured Article: Producing Producing Secure Software With Software Security Enhanced Processes, In-secure Magazine, Page 57-67






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