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OWASP Israel 2009 01

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OWASP Israel January 2009 meeting was held at Checkpoint on January 28th 2009.

(An Hebrew version can be found here)

The program was:

Improving Web Application Firewall testing for better deployment in production network, Gregory Fresnais from BreakingPoint, visiting us from France (download)
The challenge in implementing Web Application Firewalls is proper performance testing to validate true performance while ensuring that proper security policies are in place. The presentation will discuss ways to test the performance and the security of Web Application Firewall for better network capacity planning and proper deployment in production networks.
Gregory Fresnais serves as International Director of Business Development at BreakingPoint, a vendor of security testing solutions. Prior to joining BreakingPoint Systems, Gregory worked at Spirent Communications where he was the business development manager for Europe, Middle East & Africa
Web 2.0 Hacking, Nimrod Luria, Qrity (download)
Not a future but a present, Web 2.0 technologies and services are here to stay. Prophecies of Web 2.0 insecurity are age old, but only now real threats such as the recent Twitter JSON bug start to emerge. Nimrod will prove by using real world stories and demos how insecure Web 2.0 applications can be.
Nimrod Luria is an acclaimed application security expert who has recently founded Qrity, a promising startup. Previously he was a member of Microsoft ACE team.
Wiki Security, Ofer Shezaf, Xiom (download)
Wiki is a revolutionary tool for creation and sharing of content by a team. To be revolutionary it needs to make radical changes from prevailing paradigms, and one of the key changes is in its security model: Wiki forgo with traditional authorization for revision control. The presentation will discuss this new security model as well as what it required in regard to more traditional application security issues.
Ofer Shezaf is the leader of OWASP Israel. Ofer is the fonder of Xiom, a web application firewall research, services and support company. Previously Ofer served as VP of Product Management and VP of Security Research at Breach Security, a web application firewalls vendor.