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Martin Knobloch 2018 Bio and Why me

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Martin is a long time OWASP member and volunteer: Short summary: Zelf-taught (Java, C/C++, PHP) developer went professional ‎in 1998. Focus in secure development started in 2005, first contact with OWASP at the AppSec-Eu in Belgium 2006. Hooked by OWASP ever since:

  • OWASP Netherlands Chapter Leader in 2007/ current
  • OWASP Education committees ‎Chairman 2008/20011
  • OWASP Complaints / Whistle-blower Officer‎ 2014/ 2015
  • OWASP AppSec-Eu Conference Chairman 2015
  • OWASP Foundation Board of Directors ‎member 2017/ current
  • OWASP Foundation Board of Directors Chairman 2018 / current

‎Martin has been a speaker at various OWASP and none OWASP events (security, developers and test conferences) since 2006 Involved in various OWASP projects since 2007‎ Involved in local and global OWASP conferences since 2012

Currently employed as Manager Global Application Security at CEVA Logistic

For the extented version about me and my OWASP involvement, see: Martin's OWASP user page

Why Me?

OWASP is growing as community with projects and chapters, that is not new, but we lack behind from organizational point. Currently, we face the balance of creating a more professional staff, supporting the global chapter and project initiatives without loosing our open source mentality! Why? As more support means more staff. More staff means more expenses. More expenses require more income. But how to create more income without loosing out open source mentality and not to become a financial driven organisation. OWASP has achieved a lot over the last few years. Our guides and top-ten lists are frequently refered to and are the defacto standards on software security. The projets are widely used and trusted. Therefore we have to work on ensure the reliability of the foundation as whole and the quality of our projects. How to do that? In my opinion by enabling the community, the volunteers involved in the chapters and projects. My strive is to increase the guidiance for the community, identifying their needs and expectations how the foundation can support them. Enabling the volunteers to have a voice and vote in the directions of the Foundations via the committees!

With my experience inside the OWASP community, I beliefe I can do my part in guiding the foundation to become a more mature organisation, justifying the expectations of our volunteers and all who rely on the OWASP materials on their daily work.

Not the least, as I moved away from consultancy, I am free of any conflict of interest.