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GPC Agenda 2009-09-21

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Previous meetings and Dial-in details

see GPC Meetings for previous GPC Meetings Agenda and the Dial-In details


From Previous Meeting/Follow up

  • "OWASP Mini-Summit 2009"/OWASP AppSec DC 2009:
    • Guidance from Board:
      • "Begin with "state of OWASP" then maximum 1 hour given to each committee during the mini summit to present their issues and topics and board meeting at the end to vote. Thoughts about a panel discussion or debate during summit",
      • "Announcement for 6th Board member vote that will occur in November. Ballots to be created and candidates need to be placed on the ballot prior to 10/10/09",
      • "To register for summit must be a member: link to doc with name and membership number",
    • Build a frame for GPC's and Sebastien's involvement in the Mini-Summit's setting up.
    • Build a GPC's agenda to discuss in the Mini-Summit:
      • A few aspects to focus on:
        • Why hasn't the SoC 09 been launched still?
        • Which criteria should ultimately preside SoC's fund allocation?
        • GPC's new methodologies to manage and assess projects.
    • Brad's draft of a template letter (link to edit) to be used by OWASP Board to be sent off to the committee members' employers explaining they have been invited to participate in the Mini-Summit. See also other Committee members' contributions.

  • Spreading OWASP Project Details Tab through ALL OWASP Projects.
    • Check and discuss the NEW "OWASP Projects Dashboard",
    • Discuss and decide the path to follow once the previous task is finished.
    • Does it make sense keeping in our new template the field Project Health while the criteria for its assessment haven't been built still? Couldn't we "hide" it until it is ready for public display?
  • Do we all agree with these Dinis' and jeff's perspectives? If so can we make a post in our blog advertising the GPC policy about this issue?

  • Honorary memberships to be given to "active" OWASP participants (chapter leader, project participants, etc.). Chapter and projects committees to submit proposal for persons to be given membership.
    • Paulo is still working on it/the task is delayed.

  • Projects committee should determine which projects/project leaders are supported financially. Travel, evangelism, publication, training, etc.....
    • Discuss the possibility of using the "OWASP on the Move" programme to fund the activities above mentioned (projects/project leaders: Travel, evangelism, publication, training, etc.....)
    • Follow up:
      • Matt Tesauro's draft to deal with this kind of issues.

  • Committees can have paypal buttons on their pages to enable sponsors to dedicate the sponsor budget to a certain area. e.g. Education
    • The Paypal button has been installed in the Project's wiki page. Can be replicated wherever GPC decides to do so.

Current Meeting

  • Committee members' evaluation process.
  • Time to listen to, and to discuss with, Yiannis.

Issues for next Meeting

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  • Meeting started 10PM/GMT+1
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