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OWASP Board Meeting July 7, 2009 Agenda

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Membership Update

Total Number of Individual Memberships: 643

New Memberships in June: 39

Renewals in June: 3

Lost memberships in June (did not renew): 15

June Income from Individual Memberships: $2100

Portion allocated to local chapters: $700

June Profit from Individual Memberships: $1400

Total Number of Organization Memberships: 24

New Memberships in June: 3 (Fujitsu, Whitehat, IBI)

Renewals in June: 0

Lost memberships in June (did not renew): 2 (Cenzic, Accuvant)

June Income from Corporate Memberships: $7,500

Portion allocated to local chapters: $2,500

June Profit from Corporate Memberships: $5,000

Total Profit for June: $6,400

June Financial Statement

2007 Audit Report


No votes required

2009 Membership Powerpoint

No updates, no board votes required

June PPT

Board approval requested for CFC 2010

June PPT

  • New Projects Assessment template
    • External consultancy to help create 'strategic vision & message for OWASP'

June PPT

June PPT

Kate's Review

IT Issues:

1. What to do about wiki/forums/mailing lists? (need answers asap)

  • Liferay (java based cms) -- possible hosted env.
  • Drupal -- can handle member/conference registrations
  • Ultimate BBS with mailing list integration
  • What are we using Saleforce for?

2. Future of IT support

  • Ad server instructions are done.
  • Wiki upgrade process done, but needs continued updating
  • Mailing list needs to move to OWASP hardware (waiting on #1 above)

Vote Required:

1. Are we going to have a financial review for 2008. The cost is 5K. Suggestion is to skip the annual review and have full review every 3 years.

2. What to do with invoices over 1 year old. Send to collections? Write off? Current balance is $2900

3. Do we charge Local chapters processing fees for the 60/40 split. Currently we do not. Proposal is to pass along the transaction fees too the chapter for paypal processing.

4. Should we invest $2500 to support an OWASP meet up at Blackhat

5. GPC - Send 'Individual Committee Member' online form [1]

Board Votes Postponed from June

1. Delegate 100K for SOC (was 90k). Funds to cover project team costs.


Board postpones vote until updated information on the budget (month reconciliations up to date).

2. Board approval needed for updated SoC model.


Board will postpone vote pending feedback from the leaders' list.

Partnership Opportunities

Discussion of partnership opportunities from several organizations that would like to work with OWASP.