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  • Current Project Lifecycle, Reviews and Community Concerns
    • Needs streamlining: Concerns over unclear process
    • Lost a project due to complexity of process graduation process
      • “overly complicated, too many reviewers, frustrating” - OWASP Volunteers
    • Process Forms? Where are they? Ex. Project Donation Form. Where is Project’s Portal?
  • PM Inquiries to the Committee
    • Proposal for Next Primary Goal: Organisation and updating of Projects information/communication
    • Proposal for Third Primary Goal: organise/structure/create project review process
    • Is this what you are looking for in terms of organisation of information
    • Shall we update current pages to reflect the current project lifecycle and assessment criteria that has already been agreed to with the understanding that it shall be streamlined in the future?


  • Samantha Groves (OWASP Project Manager)
  • Justin Searle (Committee Member)
  • Keith Turpin (Committee Member)


  1. We will have weekly meetings to discuss updates on projects issues. The meetings will be every Friday at 2pm GMT.
  2. Communications structure has been agreed upon. We will organise our projects communication through the use of Tabs in the OWASP Projects section of the wiki.
  3. Agreement has been made to finish the OWASP Projects Handbook
  4. Committee must re-evaluate the project lifecycle procedure
  5. All of the Projects documentation must either be updated or created and organised in the correct locations on the wiki. Changes should be agreed upon by the committee before they are made live to the community.

Action Items

  1. Jason Li and Samantha will meet next week, Tues 28th August 2012, to discuss items in more detail.
  2. Justin will work on the Project's Handbook before our next GPC meeting
  3. Samantha will add Project Lifecycle recommendations before our next GPC meeting
  4. Find out what is Jason's availability to participate in the GPC
  5. What is the availability of other GPC members?