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OWASP Watiqay

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Watiqay is a Quechua word (indigenous language of Peru), which means observe or monitor and is exactly what characterizes this tool.

Watiqay is a tool that perform corrective actions when it detects that the website has been violated. Thus, through a continuous monitoring of the server will allow the webmaster know if unauthorized changes made ​​at the file, since the system of real-time monitoring Watiqay detect and alert when the site structure and function has changed and depending on the predefined actions by the administrator running an automatic reaction.

Among the functions that exist, we have: - Block the possible attackers IPs or Hostnames.

- Put all site in inactive mode. - Restore files automatically or altered website, etc.

How does it work? To configure Watiqay is necessary enter the URL of the page that will be monitored, the time interval between each check point and the email where notifications will be sent (the webmaster’s email). Watiqay has a Check function that is responsible for monitoring the site every n minutes, what check is: If the server is accessible, how long it takes the access request and if a file has been changed, if the server is inaccessible sends a mail indicating that the server is down, if a file has been added sends a mail to the administrator, if a file has been changed. - send an email to the administrator, plus all the data returned by each function are entered in a register that may be asked later.

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Name: OWASP Watiqay (home page)
Purpose: Prevents attacks of layer 7 to various websites where client service is running, will have capacity to restore the vulnerable websites and will have a continuous warning system in a personalized way.
License: GNU GPL v2
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