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August 8, 2011 SB Report

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Sarah Baso - Activity for July 2011

Chapters Committee

Major Activities/Projects (in addition to attending monthly committee meetings, taking & posting meeting minutes):

  • Continued revision Chapter Activity Matrix - used to inventory and manage information on local chapter activities and current leadership (ongoing maintenance required)
  • Updates to OWASP_Chapter wiki page.
  • New chapter set-up fully transitioned from Kate to Sarah. Now able to set up email addresses.
  • Responsibility for chapter-related requests on "OWASP website Global Feedback Form" transitioned.
  • Planning for Chapter Leader Workshop at AppSec USA (Sept.) and AppSec Brasil (Oct.)
  • Inventory of Chapter Leader with current (paid) Membership
  • Ensure owasp-chapters mailing list is kept current
  • Track and Monitor Global Chapters Committee Budget -- $42,425.33 of $50,000 remaining ($7,574.67 spent)

Basic Chapter Metrics:

  • 6 chapters confirmed as inactive via email from prior chapter leader.
  • 35 additional chapters with no meeting in last year. In process of emailing chapters regarding inactivity.
  • 139 Active Chapters - need further review of activity.
  • 339 Chapter Leaders (and Board Members) considered current for honorary vote in election.

New in July
New Chapters in July:

New Chapter Leaders:

Pending New Chapters and Chapter Restarts

  • Albany, New York
  • Bangladesh
  • Abuja, Kaduna, Enugu and Lagos in Nigeria
  • Bolivia
  • Costa Rica
  • Northern Maine

Conferences Committee

Major Activities/Projects (in addition to attending monthly committee meetings, taking & posting meeting minutes):

  • Updated and monitored google form for tracking schwag requests and monitor OCMS for events that have requested schwag but not entered request into google form.
  • Transitioned to new schwag work flow with Konik as manager of distribution.
  • Editing Committee Documents and Contracts as requested
  • Assisting with RegOnline requests from event planners and answering questions as needed
  • Track and Monitor Global Conferences Committee Budget -- $20,255.42 of $38,000 remaining ($17,744.58 spent)
  • Worked at OWASP Booth at Black Hat in Las Vegas
  • Assisting AppSec Brasil planners with finding sponsors, speakers, and trainers.
  • Assisted Kate and AppSec USA planners with finding (more) hotel rooms for week of conference in Minneapolis.

Industry Committee

  • Facilitated transition of of committee administrative tasks to new GIC Chair: Rex Booth.

Summary of tasks:

  • If non-OWASP email account used for contact, communicate intent to the committee (as well as where your contact information is listed on the wiki) to insure that you receive all communication.
  • Join the committee-chair mailing list: A link to the previous meeting details:
  • In addition to attending the committee chair meetings, right now it is expected that all committee chairs will prepare a committee update using the attached ppt template/format for the monthly board meetings as well as attend those meetings. It should be uploaded as a google doc and then posted to that month's Board Meeting agenda page at least a few days before the meeting. Email Kate to let her know if has been posted and to confirm whether you (committee chair) will be in attendance for that month's meeting. If there is something specific that you want/need the board to vote on at that month's meeting, that should be listed separately on the board meeting agenda.
  • Reset (or have administrator reset) the password to the GIC mailing list and send it to new chair. You will be the "administrator" for this list. Here is the link to the admin login page:
  • The main wiki pages that need to get updated with committee membership applications and changes: the GIC wiki page, Global Committee overview wiki page, and How to Join a Committee wiki page. I have ensured that they are all three up-to-date as of today -- adding your name as the committee chair, removing my name as operational support, and synchronizing applications.
  • Meeting preparation/invites: 1) The meeting time should be sent out and posted as GMT/UTC to avoid confusion with time zones... 2) I would send out a recurring meeting invite to the committee members. Send invitation to Kate as well as other individuals who have an interest in our committee although they aren't formal members. 3) Aside from the recurring meeting "calendar invite" , I make sure to send an announcement/general invitation to the GIC mailing list for public record and to catch any newcomers who may have an interest. 4) Finally, the GIC wiki page will need to be updated with the date of the next meeting as well as (5) a link to the meeting agenda, which I try to make available (and email out to the GIC list) at least a couple of days before the meeting. That way the committee members have time to look it over and read any related documents BEFORE the meeting.
  • All GIC meeting minutes have been posted to the wiki (under the "Meetings and Getting Involved" tab) - I have tried to follow a consistent format for the meeting minute documentation (I took and posted the meeting minutes - but now this will be your job:), but you obviously are free to do as you prefer.
  • Attendance: Track GIC meeting attendance to assure compliance to the GIC governance policies.
  • Current GIC Initiatives: Generally tracked on the corresponding tab on the GIC wiki page there are also links to the working documents on the GIC Records tab. This has been a good resource to keep up to date and for committee members to post things they are working on.
  • AppSec 2011 Conferences - Industry Outreach: The Minutes as well as ppt presentations from the Industry Outreach Sessions at AppSec EU - Dublin are included on the GIC Records tab of the wiki. Here is a link to what we did on the wiki page to provide information on the Industry Outreach Session at AppSec EU: (note, then I used transclusion to put the info on a tab on the AppSecEurope Wiki page.
  • 2011 GIC Budget - I gave you edit privileges, and this is up-to-date as of today. Note that this is not meant to serve as the accounting "authority", but meant to be a self-maintained tracking system of what we have spend to date. Alison is the "final say" on all things budget and she and Kate should be included on any emails or items related to expenses.

2011 Global Summit

  • Summit Outcomes document now available in color as well as black and white format through
  • Additional documentation relating to Summit and Summit Outcomes available at: Summit_2011_Outcomes wiki page.


  • Assisted with posting membership information (both paid and honorary) for chapter and project leaders. Helped with formatting google docs spreadsheet as a central location for private and public facing information regarding OWASP membership, in anticipation of August board member election.
  • In progress:Put together template for OWASP business cards (to be used by employees, committee members, chapter or project leaders) - in the process of creating the appropriate work flow for individuals to order them.
  • In progress: researching solution for global schwag orders and shipping outside of US.