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Projects Reboot 2012 - OWASP Application Security Guide For CISOs

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Funding Submission

In summary the following describes what is proposed for the funding of the project:

1) Project name: OWASP Appsec guide for CISO, project description: refer to wiki link

2) Project lead Marco Morana, project members: Ludovic, Alex, Colin others that would like to contribute (need to send an offer to leaders)

3) Project type Type 2 project: 50% of funding is allocated to complete the chapter and the other 50% to revise them based upon feedback we receive from socializing the guide at conferences other venues etc

4) Timeline for 50% milestone: September 2012, timeline for 100 %: November 2012

5) Milestone reviewers will be experts in legal security, security and risk managers, head of application security in different organizations.Some of these might not be OWASP members yet so we would need to convince to join OWASP

6) Budget will be aprox 5,000 GPB half of it will be allocated toward paying time for completion of the guide, meetings, paying reviewers,project management. The other half will be allocated to PR activities such as presenting the guide at OWASP conferences as well as making changes and addition based upon feedback received.


  1. Deliver a release quality guide.
  2. Create awareness and adoption of the guide.