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OWASP Student Chapters Program

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OWASP Student Chapters Program

OWASP Student Chapters Program is a way to integrate passionate AppSec students. We want to create students chapters in order to organise events, meetings and have fun!


The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) has local chapters around the world that help teach, learn, and inspire application security. Our College Chapters program helps to extend application security into colleges and universities worldwide. If your school has a computer science or management information systems degree, we want to start a College Chapter there.


If you're interested in starting a College Chapter at your school, please review the rules for the College Chapter program below and then send an email to the project leader Mateo Martinez, all we expect is that you will find a location, organize monthly meetings, learn a lot about application security, behave ethically, and have fun!


OWASP Student Chapters Program is free to use. It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license], so you can copy, distribute and transmit the work, and you can adapt it, and use it commercially, but all provided that you attribute the work and if you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or similar license to this one.

What is the OWASP Student Chapters Program?

OWASP College Chapter Rules

  1. Your primary goal is to promote understanding of application security
  2. You will have a President, Treasurer, and Secretary
  3. You will have meetings at least monthly throughout the school year
  4. You will arrange for a place to meet that is conducive to discussion, presentations, etc…
  5. You will work with faculty to integrate application security into the CS curriculum
  6. You will encourage members to make regular updates to the OWASP wiki, submit projects to OWASP, participate in OWASP conferences, etc…
  7. You will NOT engage in any unauthorized security testing or other unethical behavior


Within the chapter's actions are:

  • Inform the students about Web Applications Security, organizing events, such as:
    • speeches
    • presentations
    • inviting Securiy Professionals

Project Leader

Mateo Martinez

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Algeria Student Chapter

More info on the chapter's home page: OWASP Algeria Student Chapter

Ecuador Student Chapter

More info on the chapter's home page: OWASP Ecuador Student Chapter

Morocco Student Chapter

More info on the chapter's home page: OWASP Morocco Student Chapter

Greek Student Chapter

Located at Larissa, Greece, Technological Institute of Larissa,

Computer Science & Telecommunications

Please visit our Main Page: OWASP Greek Student Chapter

Sweden Studen Chapter

More info on the chapter's home page: OWASP Sweden Student Chapter

UW Bothell, Washington, USA Student Chapter

More info on the chapter's home page: OWASP UW Bothell, USA Student Chapter

During the Summit 2011, we had a 'dynamic' session about the college chapter programm:

Project leader responsibilities:

  • maintaining list of college chapters
  • being the link (whenever requested) to the OWASP community
  • find OWASP members to be advisor for students during their research

College Chapter responsibilities:

  • annually appoint college chapter leaders to guarantee continiuty
  • follow the Chapter Handbook
  • promote the college chapter inside and outside the university
  • seakout for a faculty advisor
  • get involved in the local chapter (if available)


  • Global Membership Committee,
    • create student membership for free
    • including student-specific welcome package
  • Create promotion material for the college chapter
    • reach out to PR students for PR material
  • create College Chaper competition (ask John Wilander for ideas)
    • research, development, everything
  • Local Chapters, support the local college chapter
    • speakers
    • chapter meeting invitation
  • Rename to student chapter
  • enable seperate mailinglists per college chapter

  • requesting quotes from goverment, industry and
 ... to   promote security education at universities
    • Industry / connection committee

December 18th 2011

Outcome of the meeting / goals for the student chapters to the next meeting in January 2012:

  • Update your info at the Student Chapter Program:

For that, request an account for the OWASP wiki:

Add the following information:

  • University
  • Contact details
  • goals
  • Goals for the student chapters:
  1. Organize 1 security event at your university

--> free of charge --> Set a date, so we can send out a call for paper to the OWASP Community

  1. To have a delegation of your student chapter at the OWASP AppSec conference nearest to you -> get involved in reginal and local events

  1. Promote OWASP at your university!
  1. Be online the next meeting:

Doodle and invitation will be send out soon!

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