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"None of us are as smart as all of us." My Grandmother

So, if you know of any preventative measures to add that have been omitted, learn about a new variant of an existing vulnerability, or feel you have anything to add. Go for it!

Top Ten Editing Etiquitte

While it is understood that changes to the Wiki version will not be scrutinized as intensely as the English PDF version of the document has been (months of review including Beta, RC1, and RC2), the Wiki version is still intended to maintain a high degree of quality. If you intend on making any significant changes or are unsure of your changes or simply do not know how to get started, the best way to proceed is to start a discussion. Pick the most appropriate page in the Wiki, click the Discussion link at the top and ask propose your change, ask your question, or whatever.

One less-obvious feature of the discussion pages is that you can create threads of conversation by clicking on the "+" tab (it only appears when you are on the discussion tab). Also, it is typical to sign your discussions with four tildes such as


This signs your comment with your username as well as the current time and date. For example, four tildes produces the following for me:

Neil Smithline 22:43, 13 May 2007 (EDT)

It gets expanded when the page is saved so that subsequent people joining the decision will not see four tildes but rather your signature.

Should you feel that you need to modify the templates used in the Top 10, see #A Word About The Templates

Getting Started

To help you improve the Top 10 list we have put together this page including pointers to the Wiki pages used in the Top 10. We have also added some links to tutorials in the OWASP Wiki and in the [Wikipedia] as they both use [MediaWiki] and the Wikipedia has a much more extensive help system in place. Please be sure you have read and are familiar with the editing etiquitte section above.

Content Pages

Page Link Edit Link Contents of Page
Top_10_2007 edit The main page.
Top 10 2007-Methodology edit The methodology section.
Top 10 2007-Cross Site Scripting

Top 10 2007-A1
Top 10 2007-XSS

edit A1: XSS vulnerability
Top 10 2007-Injection Flaws

Top 10 2007-A2

edit A2: Injection Flaws
Top 10 2007-Malicious File Execution

Top 10 2007-A3

edit A3: Malicious File Execution
Top 10 2007-Insecure Direct Object Reference

Top 10 2007-A4

edit A4: Insecure Direct Object Reference
Top 10 2007-Cross Site Request Forgery

Top 10 2007-A5 Top 10 2007-CSRF

edit A5: Cross Site Request Forgery
Top 10 2007-Information Leakage and Improper Error Handling

Top 10 2007-Improper Error Handling
Top 10 2007-Information Leakage
Top 10 2007-A6

edit A6: Information Leakage and Improper Error Handling
Top 10 2007-Broken Authentication and Session Management

Top 10 2007-Broken Authentication
Top 10 2007-Session Management
Top 10 2007-A7

edit A7: Broken Authentication and Session Management
Top 10 2007-Insecure Cryptographic Storage

Top 10 2007-A8

edit A8: Insecure Cryptographic Storage
Top 10 2007-Insecure Communications

Top 10 2007-A9

edit A9: Insecure Communications
Top 10 2007-Failure to Restrict URL Access

Top 10 2007-A10

edit A10: Failure to Restrict URL Access
Top 10 2007-Where to Go From Here edit Where to Go From Here
Top 10 2007-References edit References

Markup Used

Markup or Style When used
= H1 - Never used in top 10
== H2 - used as main headers within a page. Will be appear in TOC if one is included.
=== H3 - used as second-level headers within a page. Will not appear in TOC by default.
&lt; and &gt; Used instead of < and > when used as strings as compared to HTML tags. Sometimes the Wiki allows < and > to go through without using the escapes but sometimes it does bad things. For example
"<b>" '''BOLD''' notbold 

actually produces

"" BOLD notbold

Probably not what was desired.

__NOTOC__ Prevents default display of TOC which happens as soon as there is a total of four or more H1 (shouldn't be used) or H2 headers.
__TOC__ Forces creation of a TOC at that point - even if a TOC would otherwise have not been generated.
&ldquo; and &rdquo; Used as “double quote characters” where needed.
&lsquo; and &rsquo; Used as ‘singe quote characters’ where needed.
<code> and </code> Used to dilineate code (fixed-width font, slightly gray background).

Template Pages

Page Link Contents of Page
Template:Top_10_2007:TopTemplate Template to produce the top of the page.
Template:Top_10_2007:BottomTemplate Template to produce the bottom of the page.
Template:PrevLink Template to produce link to previous page in Template:Top_10_2007:TopTemplate and Template:Top_10_2007:BottomTemplate.
Template:MainLink Template to produce link to the Top_10_2007 main page in Template:Top_10_2007:TopTemplate and Template:Top_10_2007:BottomTemplate.
Template:Nothing Template that produces nothing. It is used by Template:Top_10_2007:TopTemplate and Template:Top_10_2007:BottomTemplate to produce nothing. For example, Top 10 2007 has no previous nor main link so the Nothing template is called instead.
Template:FIXUP Template that produces FIXUP notes. The template takes two arguments. The first is a name identifying the user (could be full name, username, initials, it is simply for identification) who added the FIXUP tag. The second is a comment about what needs to be fixed up. For example, {{FIXUP|Neil Smithline|Demo of FIXUP}} produces

FIXUP: {{{1}}}: {{{2}}}


General Wiki Help

See Help:Contents.

A Word About The Templates

Templates are a complex yet very helpful feature in MediaWiki. The Top 10 list uses them to define the look-and-feel as well as the navigation of the site. Be especially careful before touching these as a minor change a template can frequently have surprising affects on pages you didn't even realize would be affected. It is strongly suggested you have familiarity with Wikipedia's Template Help and Wikipedia's Advanced Templates Help before changing them. If you have any doubt, start a discussion on either the template page you are looking to modify or this page.