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This page has some pointers to useful documentation for dealing with OWASP's Wiki.

There is an Editing Help page (linked to at the bottom of every edit page) that has some useful material. If you are making small changes or only textual (as compared to formatting) then the information on that page should be fine. If you are making larger changes, look for an article that looks like what you want and steal the formatting. Remember, you can edit nearly every page so if, for example, you want to copy some formatting off of the About OWASP page (something you should probably never edit without great care and discussion), you can still click the edit link and copy the formatting. The Wiki does some page locking so it is generally better to hit the "Cancel" link after you have copied-and-pasted. If you forget, it is not a big deal as there is a timeout on the lock so it will fix itself eventually. For example, the previously mentioned Editing Help page has about as complex a table as you could want and you can copy the formatting for that table and use it.

Should you be looking for something that is more complicated or you want more extensive documentation to help you out, then the Wikipedia's help pages are your best bet. Both the OWASP Wiki and the Wikipedia are powered by the same Wiki engine, MediaWiki.

The following are some jumping off points for the Wikipedia's help pages:

  • Wikipedia's "Editing Help": Similar to OWASP's "Editing Help" page.
  • The Wikipedia Cheatsheet: A quick reference guide.
  • A Quick Guide to Templates: Templates are a macro feature that can be used for everything from reducing typing to giving multiple pages a common look-and-feel. They are not used very much in OWASP's Wiki although I do not know why. While the Wikipedia and OWASP's Wiki share the same Wiki engine, the Wikipedia has added a rather large collection of templates that are not found in OWASP so do not be surprised if some of the documentation about specific templates is incorrect.
  • Magic Words: At least some of these magic words work (e.g.: the "__TOC__").

Please update this page if you have further updates.