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August 8, 2011/Project Manager Report

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OWASP Project Manager Report

Work accomplished since June 6, 2011

OWASP Free Trainning Courses
New Projects Set Up
New Releases Set Up
Releases Assessment
Projects Mailing List
  • Jason Li populated the owasp-projects mailing list with all known projects leaders so the Projects Committee could easily send announcements regarding OWASP chapter news. I have supported this activity by gathering all email addresses and filling in projects inventory spreadsheet. By GPC decision, the list is [email protected] and it is announce-only by the GPC committee members (similar to how OWASP-all is announce-only by Board/staff members) and should be reserved for project announcements only.
OWASP Newsletter
  • I've prepared GPC's data for the next issue of the OWASP Newsletter.
Routine Tasks

Proposal of future activity

  • To continue answering all received projects' related questions.
  • To continue setting up new projects and new releases as requested.
  • To continue spreading the GPC templates through all OWASP projects.
  • To implement all GPC requests and concretely to support its plans to:
    • Carry out the Project Hosting initiative as a tool to provide a centralized repository for OWASP;
    • Build a new OWASP Projects Portal;
    • Design the second leg of the assessment criteria 2.0, i.e., its Project Health component.
  • As soon as the above referred assessment's second leg is designed and approved, to begin a process to evaluate as much Projects as possible.
  • To set up all the OWASP free training courses that may be requested by OWASP Chapters.
  • To work with Dinis Cruz, Carlos Serrão and Konstantinos Papapanagiotou to produce an initial/draft proposal of an OWASP Training Academy.