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Volunteers Needed

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This page is for people to request help with their efforts to improve OWASP. If you'd like to start a new project, use the "discussion" page here to see if there is interest.

Please post help wanted items here using the following format:

; [[OWASP_Project|Project]] : We need ___ to ____ ...

In addition to the specific requests below, you can always just search for "Stub" articles and share what you know.

Other opportunities...
Find a stub article and share what you know


Aug 20 - 78 Attacks Ain't Enough
Hey, we've collected 78 attacks from a whole bunch of sources, but it's nowhere near complete. Help us get a complete list and finish the articles we've started.
Jun 15 - We have lots of projects for students
If you are in or know of a University program that covers application security, we have lots of projects for students available. Please contact us at [email protected].
Jun 6 - New Java project leader seeking volunteers
We found a leader, and we're building the team now
Jun 1 - Share what you know about code review
Come help us complete the outline and build the world's first decent code review guide.
May 28 - Guide Project needs experts
We need someone to draft new articles on security in Distributed Computing applications and Deployment
May 28 - CLASP Project needs editors
We need help marking all of the new CLASP materials with the appropriate OWASP Categories
May 24 - Java Project needs a leader
We're looking for someone to put together a roadmap, build a team, and assemble some useful materials to help J2EE programmers produce more secure applications