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Mr. Houser recently started as team lead for the Software Assurance Program, National CyberSecurity Division, DHS. Previously he was project architect and team lead in support of identity and account management for USDA’s Forest Service (FS) where he developed policies, procedures, and processes that enabled FS to create enterprise identities for 40,000 users, identified orphaned accounts, and ensured compliance with account recertification and rules of behavior. Before that, he was Deputy Project Manager to implement NIST FIPS 200 and Special Publication 800-53 for FS. The SRA team developed 89 procedures, with performance measures, process models, training, and communications to secure FS infrastructure and applications. At the Department of Labor (DOL), Mr. Houser was project manager of a team of eight SRA staff, the Computer Information Security Officer’s entire support staff, providing all CIO-level cyber security functions and responsibilities. During his tenure, DOL earned an A+ for the FISMA scorecard, and DOL was the first cabinet agency to achieve all green scores in the President’s Management Agenda, including every major system having authority to operate, contingency plan testing, and security controls testing. Having served on numerous NIST sponsored standards committees, Mr. Houser is thoroughly versed in the development and implementation of Federal and International IT standards. With an advanced degree in economics and several years as a practicing economist, he is knowledgeable in the application of quantitative measures and econometric models.