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Alessandro Secco (a.k.a Seccoale) is a computer engineer graduated at the University of Padova (Italy) with a mark of 110/110 cum laude. He currently works as an IT Apllication Analysis Specialist at Unicredit Business Integrated Solutions.

Some of the projects Alessandro worked for are:

  • Capgemini - GEA: This project consisted on the implementation of several web applications aimed to manage coverages, services, offers and commercial information provided by a telecommunications company. Alessandro's role inside this project was to develop both front-end and back-end of these web applications, maintaining the system stable, reliable, easy to use and secure. Main frameworks, languages and technologies I used in this project were: java, html, css, JQuery, bootstrap, tomcat, apache, struts2, DWR, PL/SQL, Axis2, OWASP ZAP, jboss, bash, svn, eclipse.
  • Capgemini - Rai PubblicitĂ : This project consisted on the implementation of a web application aimed to manage advertisement breaks for a television company. Alessandro's role was to develop the front-end of the web application. Main frameworks, languages and technologies I used in this project were: html, css, JQuery, java, bootstrap, apache, svn, eclipse.
  • Web Quality Project: this project aimed to assess quality of web pages trying to define the human perception of quality and to correlate it with the automated quality scores computed by link analysis algorithms. This project required an exhaustive crawling of a domain specific subgraph of the World Wide Web (.it domain).
  • EdilDEI: Web Application based on Servlet/JSP and Ajax technique. Language used: Java, Jsp, HTML, XML, Javascript.
  • eLaw: Design and implementation of the prototype of a distributed, easy to use management system for notaries and their offices team. The system was developed using open source technology and custom hardware in order to ensure maximum security and great scalability.

Alessandro partecipated to the Google Summer of Code 2013 with a project named "Dinamically Configurable Action" and mentored by Simon Bennetts (a.k.a. Psiinon).

For more detailed information see:

Github: seccoale

Bitbucket: seccoale

Ohloh: seccoale

LinkedIn: seccoale

or contact him via email: seccoale (AT) gmail (DOT) com


Programming Languages: Java, JavaScript, C, C++, Bash, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Operating System: Linux, Windows, Android

Frameworks: OpenOffice, Qt, Maemo, JDOM, Castor, JDBC, Bootstrap, JQuery, Struts2, DWR

IDEs: Eclipse, NetBeans, Intellij Idea and QtCreator

Version Control Systems: Mercurial, Git and SVN

Others Office suites: Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and Libreoffice

Professional Interests:

IT in general

Software Engineering



Karate: Alessandro is a karate instructor since he was 8 years old.

Chess: Alessandro likes playing chess and partecipated in various competitions as an amateur.

Music: Alessandro can play piano and keyboards. He is really interested in Hard Rock and Metal. He played in some amateur bands.