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User:Roberto Salgado

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Roberto Salgado, Founder and CTO of Websec (Websec Canada || Websec Mexico)

Roberto Salgado is both founder and CTO of Websec, a company that offers a wide range of information security oriented services to companies all around the globe. Roberto has served many roles in Websec, spanning from penetration tester to business developer, and possesses a wide range of skills and expertise in information security such as conducting security assessments on networks, web applications, embedded devices, and thick and thin clients.

Some of the languages Roberto enjoys hacking are PHP, ASP, .NET, Python, Perl, ECMAScript, and Java. Additionally, he is accomplished in Relational Database Management Systems, and has contributed to projects such as SQLMap, PHPIDS, Modsecurity’s CRS and created The SQL Injection Pocket Reference, one of the most comprehensive references available on the web.

Roberto has developed the fastest method to extract data through a blind sql injection by using the least amount of requests possible. Roberto also likes developing fuzzers for software and web applications testing and dissects different types of malware for forensic analysis in his spare time.

Roberto can be reached at rsalgado(at)