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User:Pedro Joaquin

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Pedro Joaquín "hkm", Founder of Websec (Websec Mexico || Websec Canada)

speaker, researcher, pentester, entrepreneur, hax0r...

Pedro is an international security conference speaker that has given talks at important events. He has been a speaker at many international conferences, including BlackHat, ShmooCon, DEFCON, ToorCon, BugCon Campus Party, ACK Security CON GuadalajaraCON.

His main research focuses on web security and discovering embedded devices vulnerabilities. His research blog is Hakim.Ws where he publishes vulnerabilities in home routers. He has also published some papers and tools. His current projects include a 10 year old hacking forum called Comunidad Underground de México and the router exploitation framework Routerpwn.

With more than 11 years of experience working in the security industry, Pedro has pentested numerous corporate technologies and SCADA infrastructure. As a pentester Pedro has experience in web aplication audting, source code review, social engineering, physical security, wireless auditing, cellular intercepting, obfuscation and deobfuscation, hardware hacking, forensic analysis, malware analysis, malware creation, data recovery, exploit development & hacking the Gibson.