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  • Paulo has begun working for OWASP in July 2007 assuming the Spring of Code closing process. In the beginning of 2008, he has become OWASP part-time employee assuming his current role. After completing his IELTS course, his status has changed again when in July 2008 he moved into a full-time position.
  • As a Project Manager, Paulo is responsible for answering any requests concerning OWASP Projects that OWASP may receive from both its Project Leaders and wider community. He is the first and main point of contact for setting up new projects and for ensuring their progression throughout the assessment route which takes OWASP projects from Alpha status to Stable status.
  • This process entails the permanent contact with the Project Leaders to gather information on any updates, new releases or new developments that are part of the Project’s life cycle so that the Project page is always up to date and the wider community is informed of the progress made.
  • Throughout this process, Paulo acts also as a liaison and point of contact between Project Leaders, potential contributors and future/potential Reviewers.
  • Together with the GPC, Paulo is also responsible for safeguarding the Assessment Criteria under which OWASP Projects are developed and respective releases assessed – this implies ensuring that proposals for new Projects adhere to the rules established by the GPC and that every new project born within the OWASP universe has a set of initial information concurrent with the standard of quality that has allowed OWASP to be seen, over the years, as a respected and credible player in the industry.
  • Throughout this entire process, Paulo must also take care of all the little tasks that are a significant part of it – some of them are creating the Project’s wiki page, setting email addresses and project’s mailing lists, uploading files, providing support and guidance regarding the edition of wiki pages.

A few of his OWASP’s heterogeneous contributions are as follows:

Paulo Coimbra has a M.S. in Management (Technical University of Lisbon), a Post-Graduation in Political Science (University of Lisbon), and a B.S. in Management and Social Development (Portuguese Catholic University).

He has worked in management since 1992. He has performed different roles, from CFO (Assírio & Alvim) to Economist (IAPMEI/Portuguese Ministry of Economy), fromTeacher of Finances, Accountancy and M&A (Polytechnic Institutes of Setúbal and Santarém), to Marketing Director and Teacher of Project Finance, Corporate Communication and Political Science (Institute).

>> OWASP/Wiki contributions after June 2008 and before July 2008.

>> Email and Google Talk Address; Skype = paulocoimbra7