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OWASP thaugth me almost everything about the security industry. I thought I'd return the favor by contibuting to this wonderful knowledge base.

My interests in the field of technology are programming languages, security, gaming and tinkering with old hardware. In the university I have learned many programming languages, some of which are quite esoteric (Oz, ACL2, Oz). This sparked my interest in them, as they proved that the language itself determines the programmer's power (and comfort).

In the security industry I'm a complete novice as security still isn't a priority at the university... However I will do my best to get up to speed.

My love for gaming originates to my childhood, playing games on the Win95. But time waits for no man, or game, and so my favourite games soon did no longer run on the newer devices. In comes my love for tinkering.

Currently I'm finishing up my education over at the University of Ghent in Belgium (Civil Engineer Computer Sciences Software Engineering). For my master thesis I am researching web application security on the client side (mostly on DOM-based XSS).