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My OWASP History



OWASP Chinese Project Lead

OWASP S-SDLC Project Member

My Professional Background

Dr. Jie Wang received his Ph.D title in Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department in Lougborough University, UK, 2012. His research interests are Software Secure Development Lifecycle, Threat Analysis and Modelling, Network Intrusion Detection, Information Disclosure Prevention, Enterprise Informationization Construction Methodology, etc. He had published 16 academia research papers in various global conferences and journals and 3 translated book publications. He had applied 2 IPs in China, and taken the conference reviewer position for more than 20 IEEE, ACM and international conferences. His certifications include PMP, ITIL, CWASP CSSP and ISO 27001.

Dr. Jie Wang is a Co-Founder of SecZone, where he works to provide and optimize secure software development lifecycle assurance programs. Jie is responsible for the operations at SecZone's branding, training course and certify provision, industry benchmark and standard construction, academic cooperation, etc. Prior to SecZone, he was affiliated with China Petroleum Engineering Southwest Company as a core member for informationization business and information security, as well as an application security engineer at Newegg China for application security support.

王颉,深圳开源互联网安全技术有限公司联合创始人,英国拉夫堡大学网络安全博士,PMP、ITIL、ISO 27001认证专家、CWASP CSSP(注册软件安全专业人员)。主要研究方向包括:软件安全开发全生命周期实时检测防御、威胁分析与建模、网络入侵监测、敏感信息防扩散、企业信息化建设方法等。曾先后在国内外主流学术会议和核心期刊上发表论文16篇,出版联合译著3本,申请发明专利2项,并为超过20个IEEE、ACM和其他国际学术会议担任论文审核专家。现任SecZone公司副总经理,全面负责SecZone的品牌运营、行业标准制定、校企合作等核心业务。曾任新蛋科技公司信息安全工程师、中国石油工程设计西南分公司信息化建设团队核心成员和信息安全工作负责人,先后主导和参与了超过50个信息安全课题和信息化建设项目,具有丰富的信息安全学术研究和资深的企业信息化建设实践经验。

现任OWASP中国副主席、OWASP中国四川地区负责人。自2009年加入OWASP组织后,曾参与了“OWASP中文项目”和“OWASP S-SDLC项目”2个OWASP全球项目,并先后主持、参与和独立开展了“2010 OWASP Top 10”、“2013 OWASP Top 10”、“2017 OWASP Top 10”、“OWASP Mobile Top 10”、“OWASP OpenSAMM”、“OWASP安全编码规范快速参考指南”、 “OWASP Code Review”、“OWASP Application Security Verification Standard Project”等数10个OWASP中国分部项目,为在国内提高OWASP安全组织的影响力、提升OWASP研究成果的实用性和适用性做出重要贡献。