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I'm a computer tech's, computer tech. I've worked in a variety of envionrments and have a vast day to day working knowledge of PC's. I didn't grow up using computers, I grew up ON a computers. I really love learning anything new about them and I like the mystery of what may be causing them to have issues. I received my first organized training after I became responsible for the network at my mothers pharmacy. After training I began seeking my Microsoft Certification and became certified in 2009.

After receiving my certification I began working for a mid-sized insurance company that gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about networks, systems, applications, backups, disaster recovery and a multitude of other things in very short time. After three years of working there I wanted to change the trajectory/direction of my career, pointing it toward the consulting side of things.
I worked for a consulting firm called Technology Services Group where my duties entailed server maintenance, environment maintenance and basic help desk functions as needed. We serviced many small to mid level businesses throughout the Leon County area. I held this position for nearly a year before moving on.
Currently I work at The Agency for Health Care Administration as the webmaster and am responsible for the AHCA website and AHCA web applications. I'm also the webmaster for the newly created Health and Hospital Commission website sponsored by Governor Rick Scott.