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This template is intended to tag sections that are under contruction or may need futher attention.
This template is copied from taggedDocument and amended to the needs to tag a section within a document. Please use it to tag parts of your page that are under contruction.
Using this has no impact to any external page, notably it is not linked to any Category.

Please use the template 'Template:taggedDocument' if you wish to tag a document and tag it to Category:FIXME


  | type=<delete|draft|merge|old|partialOld|pls_review|tbd>  
  | lastRevision=<yyyy-mm-dd> (optional)
  | comment=<comment> (optional)
  | link=<Name of the 1st section/page> (optional for type=merge)
  | link1=<Name of the 2nd section/page> (optional for type=merge)
  | link2=<Name of the 3rd section/page> (optional for type=merge)

Example 1:

| type=draft
| lastRevision=2016-03-01
| comment=The second half of this section should be reviewed and finalized.
This section contains draft content that is under construction. Please help OWASP to finalize this content!
Last revision (yyyy-mm-dd): 2016-03-31
Comment: The second half of this section should be reviewed and finalized.

Example 2:

| type=tbd
| comment=Please add some more examples
This section is under construction. Please help OWASP to add missing content!
Comment: Please add some more examples.

Example 3:

This page has been tagged and needs review. Please help OWASP and document the reason for this.

Example 4:

| type=old
| lastRevision=2010-05-31
| comment=This section should be updated.
This section contains out-of-date content. Please help OWASP to update it.
Last revision (yyyy-mm-dd): 2010-05-31
Comment: This section should be updated.

Example 5:

| type=merge
| link=XSS_(Cross_Site_Scripting)_Prevention_Cheat_Sheet
This section has content this is duplicated elsewhere and needs to be merged. If it is a full page the other page should be redirected to the merged section or document.
See XSS_(Cross_Site_Scripting)_Prevention_Cheat_Sheet. Please help OWASP to fix it.

Example 6:

| type=pls_review
| comment=Some definitions are updated
This section has been flagged for review. Please help OWASP and review it.
Comment: Some definitions are updated

Example 7:

| type=delete
This section has been recommended for deletion.
You can help OWASP by improving it or discussing it on its Talk page.
Please add a comment to '{{taggedSection ... | comment=<comment> ... }}'.

Example 8:

| type=partialOld
This section (may) contain some old content. Please help OWASP to update it.

Example 9:

| type=design
This section is up to date, but it may need a nicer design! Please help OWASP to get it nicer.