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This template is part of a series of templates that create wikipedia-style navigation boxes. It is simple and only uses it's best features while saving on dependencies, dialects and maintenance.

How to use

This template belongs to a group of three templates, which are always used in conjunction for each navigation box. These are the templates:

  1. NavigationBoxBegin: Displays the title, some edit links and a collapse feature.
  2. NavigationBoxRow: This contains the actual links, normally given in the form of a wiki list. For each row, add another one of this template.
  3. NavigationBoxEnd: Displays the footer, consisting of neighboring links relevant to the links mentioned in the rows.

This template should only be used on another template page. So for example, the template {{Cheat Sheets Navigation}} houses all of these three templates. Each page that is mentioned in the Rows can then end with the {{Cheat Sheets Navigation}} template at the bottom of the page.

Note that row colors are added automatically.


{{navigationBoxBegin|title=[[Main Page|This is a title]]|editlink={{FULLPAGENAME}}}}
{{navigationBoxRow|title=Example links|content=
* [[Main Page|Some link]]
* [[Main Page|Another link]] <small>(some text)</small>
{{navigationBoxEnd|content=Some Other links}}

This results in:


  • navigationBoxBegin
    • title: Mediawiki syntax. Can be multiple lines.
    • editlink: Due to technical constraints this always is {{FULLPAGENAME}}.
  • navigationBoxRow
    • title: Mediawiki syntax. Example: MyCategory
    • content: Mediawiki syntax or text. Can be multiple lines.
  • navigationBoxEnd
    • content: Mediawiki syntax. Can be multiple lines.