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Talk:What are web applications?

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(cstromblad) The scripting section should perhaps be revised? Unsubstantiated claims such as being 100 times slower, often leading to unmanageable code base etc. really doesn't add much to the discussion. I'd suggest that we either remove this part, or substantiate the claims with raw data to give these arguments some foundation to stand on.

  • I agree that these arguments need substantiation. I suggest you update this section to emphasize the points that are relevant to the argument being made here.

Take the unmanageable code base. Is this really a problem to the script language? Or is this a problem in how they are used and by whom, and for what?

  • I think it's all of the above actually. Most scripting languages don't allow much OO or other structure. I agree with the conclusion here that they shouldn't be used for critical applications.