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Talk:Security Code Review Coverage

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"Would systems lacking an input mechanism be 100% secure? Probably not." Is there such a thing as a system lacking an input mechanism? A program with no user input was still written by a person (the source code is input). The source code is also output with an idea in the programmer's brain as input. Of course, the programmer's state of mind when she gets the idea is the output resulting from several inputs consisting of her life experience up to that point, and those inputs were outputs resulting from other inputs, and so on. We could get some philosophers and physicists in here to debate whether or not the Big Bang had inputs... --Ash 12:02, 4 August 2008 (EDT) (P.S. I mean to say, I think the sentence I mentioned should be rephrased or removed. There is no system with no inputs. But I think if there were, it would be very secure, much like a house with no doors or windows, and likewise just as worthless.)