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--- previous comment:the link to the Fred Brooks'article is no longer available 04/Jan/10 Dinis: Is this still valid? The link seems to be working --- The email thread i think that one of the early paths of getting involved in OWASP are:

  • become an editor of the OWASP WIKI website
  • review a couple OWASP projects (as per the OWASP Project Assessment Criteria v2.0
  •                This is where I would probably contribute the most. I am trying to gather my thoughts on getting details on what a review is, and that type stuff. Here are my thoughts on paper:
  • point them to the key active projects in roadmap style (Top Ten -> ASVS -> Testing Guide -> Webscarab -> Code Review Guide -> Development Guide -> SAMM -> Webgoat -> ESAPI/AntiSamy)
  • contribute graphics?