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Summit 2011 Working Sessions/Session251

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WS. global commitee.jpg OWASP Asia/Pacific working group
Please see/use the 'discussion' page for more details about this Working Session
Working Sessions Operational Rules - Please see here the general frame of rules.
Short Work Session Description Realize the potential of OWASP in Asia Pacific Area
Related Projects (if any)

Email Contacts & Roles Chair

Operational Manager
Mailing list
Helen Gao (temporary) [email protected]

Venue/Date&Time/Model Venue/Room
OWASP Global Summit Portugal 2011
Date & Time

Discussion Model
participants and attendees


Proposed by Working Group Approved by OWASP Board

Create an APAC mailing list

After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

Regional Membership – Currently there are very few paying members in APAC. The reasons are both economical and cultural. Ofer volunteered to create a model that is easy to implement and administer. He will propose the model to the membership committee.

After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

Conferences in APAC – Annual conferences in China as well as additional conferences in other APAC area. Conference organizers should summit their schedule to Global Conference Committee as early as possible, preferably one year in advance. This will help GCC allocating funds and recommending vendor sponsors to support the conference. Offer CPE or participation certificate. This will not only provide conference/workshop participants something to show, it will also create awareness among his colleagues and employers. Please note the certificate will be similar to CPE credits, Continual Professional Education, and will not be a general OWASP certificate.

After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

Membership Perks/Discounted Training – We need to show people more in APAC what’s in the membership for them. Proposed to provide paid members free or discounted in-person training during or outside of conferences.

After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

Online itinerary, - The goal is attract members by improving communication and corporation among chapters. This will be especially beneficial to chapters outside of US and Europe. Cecil will use tripit or another method for entering itineraries. Local chapters can invite the traveler to their meeting, training or just for a drink.

After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

After the Board Meeting - fill in here.

Working Session Participants

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Name Company Notes & reason for participating, issues to be discussed/addressed
Helen Gao (chair) email @
Cultural social and political differences. Individual and corporate membership amount depends on the region. AppSec China 2011. Conference and training in other APAC regions. University out-reach.
Anthony Lai
OWASP Hong Kong
In Asia Pacific region, I would like to suggest the following ideas:

- APAC conference calendar

- Line up with APAC university and putting Top10 to their syllabus/or is it possible to carry out workshops at those universities? I have tried to carry out workshop by partnering an Associate Professor for postgraduate students (

- Possible research specific in APAC

  • Common issues and vulnerabilities found in APAC
  • APAC group discussion/mailing list

- Funding from HQ

  • It is hard for individual chapter to have funds from companies, let's see whether HQ could support some chapter for event and workshop promotion.

I also wanna to suggest to a project (not just limited to APAC) to have a database by asking public to report any possible vulnerabilities from public on any web portals. The database access is limit to access internally and wanna to figure out any ways to credit to the reporter and feed it back to the target. Of course, the reported cases could be used as kinds of research and statistical study on the vulnerability found.

Mohd Fazli Azran

Cecil Su

Steven Cheng


Zaki Akhmad
I do interest how Ofer membership model propose. Could someone explain in details here?
Onn-chee Wong
OWASP HQ should allocate some funds to support OWASP AppSec Asia conference.

2) Given the English competency here in Asia, OWASP Asia chapters should actively take charge of the translation to the local languages. Perhaps the chapter leads in Asia should be responsible for the translation, though they need not do the translation personally.

3) A OWASP Asia mailing list will be good.

Kate Hartmann
OWASP Foundation

Mark Bristow
Global Conference Committee