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Summit 2011 Working Sessions/Session013/Deliverable 7

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Deliverable 7

Revised Election Process

As a result of the OWASP Governance summit working session the following election process was defined.

  • Modify the board to consist of 6 members
  • Each board member will have a term of 2 years
  • Board members will be limited to three terms
  • Each year three board seats will be up for election
  • Every OWASP Member gets one vote
  • Any OWASP Member in good standing for the last 12 months may run for the Board
  • OWASP will hold an election in 2011 for three board seats currently held by Jeff, Dave and Seba
  • In 2012 the seats for Tom, Matt and Eoin will be up for election

Some additional comments/concerns that were captured at the session

  • The by-laws need to be updated to reflect this change
  • A mechanism for breaking board bote ties needs to be defined
  • It may be more appropriate to have a process for nominating candidates for Board rather then allowing self nomination
  • The transition process needs to be clearly defined to ensure knowledge management in transition
  • A board member resignation is already handled by the existing by-laws
  • A graduated term was discussed in place of simple 2 year terms
  • It was suggested that the board be comprised of regional representatives
  • It was suggested that an "advisory board" be created consisting of former board members to perserve institutional knowledge
  • It was suggested that the board be limited to only a single member from any one company