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The Tel Aviv chapter is hosting one of three Global AppSec events in 2019. Global AppSec Tel Aviv will be presented May 26-30, 2019 at the Intercontinental David. The five day event will begin with three days of training sessions followed by a two day Conference. They event is forecasted to generate $215,707 of revenue for the Foundation.

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  1. Gather the OWASP community for discussions and shared learnings on security topics with 600 attendees
  2. Ensure high quality content and training sessions as measured by post-event survey score of 4.0 on 5.0 scale
  3. Provide unique opportunities for local infosec community in Tel Aviv
  4. Achieve revenue and profitability target of $623,436 and $215,707 respectively.

Major Milestones

A milestone isn’t everyone’s to-do list, it is the high level tasks of the project. If you have more than 20 milestones, you’re being too granular

  • 2019-03-10, Trainers and Speakers Selected
  • 2019-03-17, Publish Conference Program on website
  • 2019-04-15, Delegate kit items ordered
  • 2019-04-20, Determine final Staff travel plans
  • 2019-05-01, Final list of Volunteers selected
  • 2019-05-03, Brochure and Programs sent to Printer
  • 2019-05-10, Signage sent to Printer
  • 2019-05-22, Compare "member list" to OWASP database [Dawn]
  • 2019-05-26, Training Sessions Begin
  • 2019-05-29, Main Conference Begins
  • 2019-06-05, Post-Event Survey sent to attendees



Intercontinental David Tel Aviv
Address: Kaufmann St 12, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 61501, Israel
Phone: +972 3-795-1111


Intercontinental David Tel Aviv
Address: Kaufmann St 12, Tel Aviv-Yafo, 61501, Israel
Phone: +972 3-795-1111

Registration Prices

  • Regular, $650 with $50 member discount and $100 group discount
  • On-Site, $750 with $50 member discount and $100 group discount
  • Student, $125
  • Speakers, $0
  • Leaders, $0
  • Sponsor passes, $0
  • Dinner Only, $125


Below is the high-level budget as produced in this Google Sheet Budget. The forecast relies on 600 attendees (350 regular priced attendees) in addition to $155,500 in training and $237,488 in sponsorship revenue.

Description Amount
Revenue $606,988
+ Registration $217,000
+ Training $155,500
+ Sponsorships $234,488
Expenses $407,731
+ Venue $68,540
+ Catering $117,700
+ Networking/Social Events $48,135
+ Trainers $62,200
+ Travel $12,360
+ A/V $23,090
+ Marketing $14,000
+ Delegate Kit $7,500
+ Operations $15,000
+ Other $1,500
Forcasted (+/-) $215,707


>> Version 2 of Sponsorship Sell Sheet <<

This event offers several parter sponsorships opportunities. If you are interested in supporting the event please contact [email protected].

Sponsorship Contract Status to Date (as of 08:00amET May 15, 2019). Amount contracted: $182,130/USD Amount Collected: $89,050.00/USD

  • Gold Sponsorship level (1 remaining space)
    • Accenture - invoiced
    • Checkmarx - paid in full
    • HCL Products & Platforms - invoiced
    • JP Morgan - invoiced
    • RIPS Technology - paid in full
    • Synopsys - paid in full
    • Symantec - paid in full
    • Veracode - paid in full
    • WhiteSource Software - paid in full
  • Silver Sponsorship level (1 remaining space)
    • CheckPoint Technology - invoiced
    • Contrast Security - invoiced
    • CyberArk Software - paid in full
    • High-Tech Bridge - paid in full
    • Micro Focus - contract sent
    • Neuralegion by Expim - waiting for invoice to be sent
    • PerimeterX - contract sent
    • Salt Security - invoiced
    • Snyk - invoiced
  • Community Supporter level
    • Triop AB - paid in full
  • Badge Sponsorship (sold out)
    • F5 - paid in full
  • CTF
    • Intel Electronics, LTD. - invoiced
  • Lanyard Sponsorship (sold out)
    • Accenture - invoiced

Currently in working contact with:

  • Adobe
  • AppSec Labs
  • Bitdefender
  • CodeDX
  • Imperva
  • Security Compass
  • Security Innovation



Unofficial Meeting Minutes


  1. Training. Currently there are 10 paying registrations for the 5 courses.
  2. NO Update on registration numbers
  3. 29 Talks of 39 slots who have accepted but not all have
    1. Shira will be sending a worksheet out today with confirmed speakers
  4. Feedback is Twitter content as been good, but they would like us to be more creative.
  5. Will likely open Call for Volunteers in April.
  6. Sponsorship revenue $72,975, collect $28,800
  7. They are still discussing give-away. Might be a t-shirt or water bottle.
  8. Action Items for Staff
    1. 2019-03-28, Change button color for "Register Now" on [Mike]
    2. 2019-04-01, Chapter Leader outreach with one slide about events [Lisa]
    3. 2019-04-02, Develop a more agressive social media plan for conference [Lisa]
    4. 2019-04-03, Special One-off Connector dedicated for an event [Lisa]
    5. 2019-04-02, Build a schedule of volunteers (number and schedules) [Mike]
    6. 2019-03-27, Do we have any outstanding comarketing channels, if so, ask [Lisa]


  1. Innovation Fair. They will do a Demo fest 4-6min to pitch their project. Total 45-60min in the main session; just prior to Keynote.
  2. Registration is online. So far 5ppl for conference, 3ppl in Training
  3. Discussion about training and discount codes for Corporate Sponsors, etc.
  4. More aggressive Social campaign for event [Mike > Lisa]
  5. Kelly reviewed current sponsorship details. If all outstanding contacts are signed or ready to sign we are at $53,350 of revenue
  6. Avi will pass onto Mike a contact that would market the event for a commission.
  7. Action Items for Staff
    1. 2019-03-21, Develop a more agressive social media plan for conference [Lisa]


  1. CFP is closed with 120 submissions. Opened the second round is open and will close 10-April. They will be sending out notices to first round later this week.
  2. CFT we do not have enough training rooms, 10 confirmed trainings. The have had more more good sessions submitted so they are adding two more small rooms to the plan.
  3. Verified Dawn's list of changed on registration
  4. Will add a Dinner Pass for Leaders for $75
  5. Discussed details on current sponsorship agreements and current status.
  6. Mod Security Project is requesting a full day room for a working meeting.
  7. Action Items for staff
    1. 2019-03-07, When can get Sched setup with training info [Lisa]
    2. 2019-03-08, Give Eurlan the Sched link once setup [Lisa]
    3. 2019-03-08, Determine status of Mod Security Project [Kelly]


  1. Closed CFP Round #1 on Sunday (116 submissions) 30-40% was in the last few days.
  2. CFT closed and working to select final. Challenge is our two biggest rooms @ Intercontental only hold 30 ppl for training sessions. Options for three-days courses only can accomodate 15-20 seats. Lynn is exploring a seperate venue as a backup. Current arrangement is 60/40 (40 trainers) on
  3. We confirmed pricing for sponsorships, tickets, and training.
  4. Open question to staff about expense for PR (today is $500). Do we want to increase this budget and what is the purpose to (1) drive more attendance and/or (2) get coverage from the event? There was not closure but assigned to Mike
  5. Plan is to open registration on March 4th. Vikki will pass along content about hotels, etc to both the site and on
  6. Team still accepting feedback on Innovation Summit
  7. Action Items for staff
    1. 2019-03-06, Prepare to receive data for Sched (Upload training), [Lisa]
    2. 2019-03-06, Release Sponsorship Brouchure v2, [Kelly]
    3. 2019-03-09, Decide on a Marketing plan objectives and budget, [Mike]