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SpoC 007 - OWASP WeBekci Project

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AoC Candidate: Bunyamin Demir

Project coordinator: Ivan Ristic

Project Progress: 40% Complete, Progress Page

Bunyamin Demir – OWASP WeBekci Project

Executive Summary

Web application firewalls (WAF) are gaining importance among the information security technologies designed to protect web sites from attack. WAF solutions prevent attacks that network firewalls and intrusion detection systems can't and they require no modification of application source code. ModSecurity [17] is an open source web application firewall that runs as an Apache module. It is an embeddable web application firewall and it provides protection from a range of attacks against web applications. It is an open source project available to everyone; it however does not come with an admin panel.

I decided to provide this essential tool with a control panel which I believe will ease and thus encourage its usage.

ModSecurity allows for HTTP traffic monitoring and real-time analysis with no changes to existing infrastructure. My main goal is to analyze attacks and generate rules to change the configuration of the ModSecurity accordingly.

ModSecurity has a feature called “flexible rule engine” as its heart of Attack Prevention capability . It uses ModSecurity’s “Rule Language,” (a programming language designed to work with HTTP transaction data). It is easy to use and flexible; yet the system administrators need to learn its own rules to create what is called “Certified ModSecurity Rules” to be implemented. My control panel will automate the major code-generation in Rule Language.

Objectives and Deliverables

  • Configuration : Will add all configuration parameter (80%)
  • RuleLoggin Generator: Will write all the Rules in Rule Language(50%)
  • Logging  : Errorlog, GuardianLog, Auditlog and Debuglog will be added.(30%)
  • Multiple-DB  : Will add PostgreSql and Sqlite support.(0%)

Why I should be sponsored for the project

I am involved with OWASP Turkey and interested very much in WAF. Even though this is my first project for OWASP, I am very much interested in every aspect of ModSecurity. With SpoC007’s support I will finalize my work on OWASP WeBekci.

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