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SpoC 007 - OWASP Site Generator

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OWASP SiteGenerator Main Page

Project Contributors: Abby Levenberg.

Project coordinator: Dinis Cruz and Mike de Libero.

Project Progress: 50% Complete, Progress Page

OWASP Site Generator

Executive Summary

OWASP Site Generator is a great tool, but it could be even better and more widespread. There’s a lot room for improvements to both its functionality and user experience. The way I see it, main user needs to be addressed and specific development objectives for the next release of OWASP Site Generator would be the following.

User Needs

  • Create multiple types of sites easily
  • Track and analyze requests easily
  • Change the look and feel of the resulting sites easily
  • Create sites for multiple web backend technologies easily
  • Learn how to use OWASP Site Generator easily

Development Objectives

  • Create a vulnerability library that can be used for web services, HTML forms, AJAX, etc. instead of having to craft the same attack for each
  • Add support for logging of all received requests, as well as querying resulting log files
  • "Templatize" the code generation process, so it can support skinning of the resulting sites
  • "Templatize" the code generation process, so it can support different backend web technologies
  • Fix all significant defects in the current release of OWASP Site Generator
  • Redesign the GUI to make it more efficient and user friendly
  • Create a smooth setup program which would install both client and server components as effortlessly as possible
  • Write documentation and articles about it
  • Make the development process open to the public and, hopefully, driven by its feedback from day one

Development Links

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