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SpoC 007 - OWASP JBroFuzz Project - Progress Page

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JBroFuzz has reached the 50% mark in terms of development for the SpoC 007.

Tested on mac osx, win32 and a few linux flavours. Current version is 0.7. Get it from the Download Section.

Below is a list of things completed:

   * [Done] Open Source Tab

Given a domain name, by submitting five google searches, JBroFuzz will yield back the corresponding email addresses available for that domain. This is really useful for enumerating or recovering valid username formats, etc.

   * [Done] TCP Fuzzing tab allowing graph outputs

Once fuzzing has been performed on any interface, a user can select the Bro button in order to get a normalised plot of the fuzzing responses obtained. This is really useful in terms of minimising time to analyse any results.

   * [Done] TCP Sniffing tab update thread Agent Queue

TCP Sniffing has become more robust. A complete re-write of how exceptions are handled has made the listener a lot more stable.

   * [Done] Update Generators file format

The file format has been updated to include a number of generators. This work ties in as a continuation towards using the XSSDB from GNU Citizen.

The upcoming code in order to complete the code are as follows:

   * Include all XSS Generators from GNU Citizen
   * New (pure) HTTP/S Fuzzing Tab using HTTPClient
   * Include SOAP and XML fuzzing 
   * NTLM Brute Force over HTTP/S Tab
   * Blind SQL Injection Fuzzing Tab