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SpoC 007 - OWASP Education Project

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SpoC Candidate: Sebastien Deleersnyder

Project coordinator: Dinis Cruz

Project Progress: 100 % Complete, Progress Page

Sebastien Deleersnyder - OWASP Education Project

Executive Summary

This Education project aims to provide in building blocks of web application security information. These modules can be combined together in education tracks targeting different audiences.

Web Application Security Education and Awareness is needed throughout the entire organization, each area and level of organizations have specific needs and requirements regarding education. A manager needs other information than a security professional or developer. Novices to the profession require other training than people with several years of experience.

Objectives and Deliverables

Currently the project goals are to create Educational Tracks:

  • Complete the consolidation page of OWASP presentations performed in the past
  • A "Web Application Security Primer" Track for beginners (4 hours)
  • A "What developers should know on Web Application Security" Track for developers (4 hours)

Why I should be sponsored for the project

I started the successful Belgian Chapter 3 years ago and have actively contributed to OWASP since then. I also co-organized the European conference last year in Belgium.

This is the first separate project that I started, originating from a local demand to set up educational tracks for people that are new to Web Application Security. There are literally hundreds of presentations and an enormous amount of information on the OWASP web site. The goal of this project is to restructure pieces of that information in reusable modules that can be combined in educational tracks. It is my believe that awareness is an important cornerstone of building secure web applications, and this project will actively support that.

SpoC 007 Goal Tasks and Progress

The SpoC goal is to finish Sub Goals 1, 2 and 3 and start with Sub Goal 4.

Current Progress is:

  • Sub Goal 1: Create overview of OWASP presentations (100 %)
  • Sub Goal 2: Design agenda 2 Tracks (100 %)
  • Sub Goal 3: Create Modules (100 %)
  • Sub Goal 4: Track try-outs (20 % - try-outs to be performed during the coming months)

More details are available in the project roadmap.

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