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SpoC 007 - OWASP Brand

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AoC Candidate: Paulo Coimbra

Project coordinator: Dinis Cruz

Project Progress: o% Complete, Progress Page

Paulo Coimbra - OWASP Brand

Executive Summary

I propose to give a contribution to the OWASP Branding Project, by working on the following issues:

1. Accordingly to the established rules now in place for the utilization of the OWASP Brand, I intend:

  • To identify the users of the Brand and their pattern of utilization;
  • To identify cases where misusing occurs: which rules are mostly broken and what processes are used to break them;
  • To create a typified profile of inadequate utilization of the OWASP Brand;

2. Based on the previous survey, I intend:

  • To contribute for the enhancement and stabilization of a political and economical concept for the Brand and for what it represents in terms of market positioning;
  • Having as a base the Brand’s enhanced concept, to establish a set of rules whereby the circumstances of use of the Brand are objectively controlled and measured.

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