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September 8, 2010

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OWASP Event Registration - Cvent contract will expire on November 1, 2010. We need to either renew our contract with them or find a new vendor. Navatar Proposal is one option.

  • OWASP Focus:
    • Leaders
    • Connecting
    • Leadership Mobility
    • EcoSystems

Discussion items

  • Review of OWASP past investments
  • Create one page OWASP-Board decision
  • What doesn't happen due to lack of financial-decision making power
    • Current problems with OWASP Chapters
  • Who are OWASP 'board' Customers?
  • How to motivate OWASP Leaders
  • Produtivity of OWASP Board
  • Why people become members?
  • Why does OWASP need money?
  • Why people come to OWASP conferences?
  • OWASP Top Ten Leadership independence
  • Samy Tour
  • Free Training for OWASP Leaders
  • Bring a developer to OWASP Conferences
  • Working sessions at Irvive conference
    • Browsers & OWASP
    • Industry/User session , followed by Vendor/Provider session
    • ESAPI
    • OWASP Leaders

Follow up

New Business

Board Vote Required