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Reimbursements for Submitters

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The process for community members submitting reimbursement requests is as follows:

(1) Go to the OWASP Service Desk (OSD) and log in:

OSD Login page
OSD Login page

Note: If you've never been to OSD before, you'll have to Sign up first

(2) Select the correct reimbursement category/form - we'll use Chapter reimbursement as an example here

OSD Reimbursement choices
OSD Chapter Reimbursement form

(3) Complete the form

OSD Completed reimbursement form

Don't forget to upload your receipt and any supporting documentation or files

OSD Receipt and other files upload
OSD Completed receipt upload

(4) Submission is complete, you'll need to wait for an approval from the budget owner

OSD Completed reimbursement form

Note: You'll get an email from OSD letting you know it has your request

OSD Notification of submission email

You can always see any requests you've made and their status on OSD by going to "My requests"

OSD Looking at your OSD requests
OSD listing "My Requets"

After you've submitted your request, you'll be updated as the status changes starting with an email that an approval has been requested

OSD Email notification of needs approval

Status changes like "Waiting for Approval"

OSD notification of status change to Waiting for Approval

And when the approver (budget owner) makes their approve/deny comment

OSD notification of approval/denial comment

and when its approved for payment

OSD notification of status change to approved for payment

You might be asked for additional information if needed for payment

OSD requesting more info for payment

If you are asked, you can reply via logging into OSD

OSD providing answers via logging in

OR just replying to that email - either way, your response is added to the comment thread

OSD your answer shows up in the comment stream

When the request is paid, you'll get details

OSD email notification of payment details

And notified that the status has been changed to Paid

OSD notification that request has been paid

Every step of the way, we'll inform you of what's happening with your request.

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