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Reimbursements for OWASP staff

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The process for OWASP staff handling reimbursement requests is as follows:

(1) Log into the OWASP Service Desk site

OSD Login page

Note: OWASP Staff must login using our G Suite (aka credentials

Staff login with their identities
Being prompted to login with G Suite identity for staff

(2) Staff can use the 'Dashboard' to see the status of their queue

OSD staff dashboard

You can also look at the overall queues by selecting the OWASP Service Desk (OSD)

OSD selecting the OSD project
OSD queue details and overview

The "Assigned to me" queue is the important one, anything with "NEEDS APPROVAL" is new and should be handled first

OSD Assigned to me queue

You can see the overall workflow at anytime in any request details page - the workflow looks like this

OSD request workflow diagram

(3) Working a request: First you'll need to sanity check the request by review the details page and looking at any supporting attachments by clicking on them like

OSD review uploaded files on a request

You can also look at the original request by clicking on this useful link - it will open the original request in a new tab

OSD link to see original request
OSD reviewing the original request

(4) After you've sanity checked the request, you'll need to lookup the budget owner (OWASP Leader) and add them to the request

OSD adding leaders to the request for approval

If the leader has never logged into OSD, they won't be found when you try to enter their email address

OSD no matches on leaders email address

So, you'll need to add them as a 'customer' by clicking customers on the left menu

OSD adding leaders as 'customers'

Use the "Add Customer" to add their info

OSD adding leaders as customers

And they'll show up in the customer list

OSD leader is now a listed customer

Now go back to "Queues" and "Assigned to me" (aka return to the item you were working)

OSD back to the queue item you were working on

(5) Now you can add the leader to the request (either after adding them as a customer or they were already a customer)

OSD adding leader to a request for approval

You'll need to repeat the procedure of adding a second leader if the request is for Project or Chapter funds and greater then $500. You do the exact same thing a second time.

(6) Add a comment asking the leader(s) for an approval/denial of the request

OSD asking for an approval via comments
OSD completed comment asking for approval

(7) Since the leader(s) are added and the comment notifies them of the need for an approval, change the status to "Waiting for approval" by clicking "Emailed Leaders"

OSD changing status to waiting for approval

Now that the status is "Waiting for approval", you're done with the request until the leader(s) approves the request.

After a leader(s) have approved the request

You will get notified via email when the approval/denial happens (and any other updates to the request)

OSD notification that approval has happened

Using the email link or just logging into OSD, update the request to approved

OSD updating request status to approved

Once its updated to approved, assign the request to the Virtual accounting team - look for "Reimbursement Team"

OSD assigning an approved request to the accounting team
OSD request is now assigned to the accounting team

You're now done with this request. The Virtual accounting team will complete the request by paying all approved requests assigned to them.

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